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My characters are very personal to me, if any of the following is broken you will be promptly blocked and blacklisted. I will not tolerate character theft, heavy referencing, and tracing. Otherwise enjoy your stay! :]

Do not
  • Steal/trace/heavily reference my characters
  • Use my art/characters without consent and credit
  • "kin" or add my characters to lore/backstories (unless asked and given permission to do so)
  • Use/resell my characters without my knowledge
  • offer on characters that clearly say "DO NOT OFFER" I will now be ignoring any offers on characters in my primary folders, unless I have stated otherwise
  • proshippers/pedos/"maps"
  • loli/shota cons
  • fujoshis
  • double antis/people against kin doubles (you guys make me uncomfy)
  • if I have you blocked/blacklisted anywhere
  • if you're just hateful or problematic in any sort just go away LMFAO

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