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General Warnings
[reminder that there are some specific themes that do not reflect me as a person and i do not condone things such as abuse, violence, etc]

  • Disturbing and/or triggering themes (severity depends on the character)
  • Mentions of religious themes (i don't think it's going to be a lot nor will it be heavy, but i will be jumping into things like cults)
  • Mentions of death, violence and strong language.
  • Blood/Gore/Body Horror (although i'll most likely keep it light, there will be times where it is heavy)
  • OCXCANON (yes, i actively engage in this - if you actvely dislike things like these, i heavily don't recommend coming here at all)

  • Trace, steal or replicate and/or use art of my characters or their story in any way.
  • Use my characters as roleplay material or as face claims.
  • Make NSFW content of my characters. (I'm a minor and so are most of my characters)
  • DNI interact with me if you're LGBTQ+ phobic, support racism and bigotry of any of the sort, or you fit basic DNI criteria. You are not welcomed here.
Other Info

  • Please feel free to check around my toyhouse !! If i forgot to tag a character with a warning, please reach me out in dms !! and do use tone indicators with me as it helps a ton !!

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