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Do not change my designs to make them fit your tastes. If you are uncomfortable with drawing them, do not draw them. Simplifying is fine to some degree if complex, but please don't change them. Also don't steal my OCs, please.

- Please don't interact with me if you're a minor unless it's strictly for thanking for designs, artwork or OC reasons. I am not a minor myself. 

- Some OCs feature NSFW, mental health, controversial topics or other such things, please avoid my characters if you're sensitive or simply turn on filters/don't read their profiles. Not all of my OCs are "acceptable in society" and I at times create them for character study. Don't like, don't look, I have no obligation to please anyone. 

- My stuff is watermarked to public viewers, if you require a reference (eg. from a drawing forum), please PM me and I can give you a clean reference if available. :)
(I will not authorise people I don't know well, sorry)

- Overall, if you find anything offensive/disgusting with my characters/art, you seriously don't need to message me about it. I don't care if one of my OCs or artwork offends you, I make them for myself and my partner. Don't like it? Simply don't look. If the design I bought from you is being used in a way you don't like, feel free to let me know and I can edit/private. (If I haven't marked something NSFW properly, feel free to let me know though as that is a genuine oversight on my part. But either way, just don't look at my OCs if you're a minor please.)

- Nothing on this account is up for sale! If anything goes up for sale, it will be located on Clawserk_Adopts rather than here.

- I don't feel comfortable with gift art in general, but please don't gift me only to expect something in return, it's uncomfortable.

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