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Hi! I was interested in your "lion" character on your other account

Would you be interested in any of my characters for sale, art, and/or customs in exchange for them?

Hey there I'm so sorry I'm not sure why I'm just now seeing this, I sadly didn't see anyone I'd use but I dont mind accepting art for them!

Would you take one fullbody for them since that's the only art they have? I can send over some examples if needed :)

Yeah of course!! You can honestly draw anyone in my Sona's folders!

Actually would it be okay if I did a halfbody with a background and shading/lighting instead of just the flat fullbody? I saw a character I really liked and I got a really cool art idea for them for a background. No worries if not though, I'm okay with doing either!

Yeah go for it!!

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Howdy I was interested in the pibbear design you have for sale on your other account. 

Hey there. We’re you interested in buying them?

Yes I was! 

Awesome can you send payment to [email protected] please

What would I owe you? Cause I saw you put them up for between 40-75

75 is ideally what I'd like as that's how much I spent on them, but depends on what you're offering?

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Heya!! i’m super sorry to bother but i was wondering if i could offer for Lola again? it won’t let me view her profile rn so that’s why i’m commenting!!

before you had liked some characters who i hadn’t wanted to let go but i’d be willing to trade now^^💗

Hey there! Sorry for the late reply, but was Lola the pitbull babe? If so I have traded her, I'm sorry

ah okay thanks for telling me, who owns them now?^^

No problem! ^^ I sadly don't remember who owns her now I'm sorry >

amateur? more like pro, bro ur art is bomb   

Awe thank you! This literally made my day! <3

Mmay I offer annyone in my t h ffor this baby?


I'm sorry I didn't see anyone

Thaats ok, thannk you ffor your time