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Stuff I will not censor

- Fire (buildings or anything on fire will be censored)
- Hospitals (Emergency rooms, syringes, etc will be censored)
- Light wounds/bruises/cuts (Mild gore and explicit gore will be censored)
- Any emotion (I'm sorry but no I'm not censoring this)
- Cussing (Excessive cussing will be censored)

Before you interact!!

- I am not a furry, but I draw furries and have everything to do with them lol
- I may or may not have anxiety and/or social anxiety
- Children in my stories can and will get hurt or possibly killed. If that bothers you, there's no shame in avoiding my characters if it's for your own comfort.
- Lots of mental illness, disease, and violent characters
- Racist,toxic,murderous,problematic characters (no pedos,zoos,groomers, etc.


User - Reason
User - Reason
User - Reason
User - Reason

DNI if
- Pedo/Zoo/Neonazi/Homophobe/Racist/Xenophobe/Proship/Anti-proship/etc
- You think all characters represent their owners 100% (bruh)
- Your TH is 18+ only/mature locked
- Lolicon/shotacon/nsfw/fetish rp with minor characters. You're still kind of a pedo :(



- Fav spam
- Chat about ocs
- Complain about something silly
- Talk to me about anything you like or dislike. I won't judge!
- Kin my ocs ONLY for comfort!
- Set up character links (talk to me first ex. joke characters!)
- Draw gift art or sum' (tysm if you do aaa)
- Ask about art trades


- Vent/Complain about serious/controversial stuff
- Steal/trace/rp as my ocs
- insult me/judge me :(
- eat my ocs (please stop Rowan isn't edible 💀)
- Block/blacklist me without talking first (I get extremely anxious please please please talk to me first)

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