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I don't care about things like inspiration or color picking. Just don't outright claim my OCs/art as yours and we're good lol. Note that some of my characters are awful people and I do not hold their views or condone their actions. Most sensitive things should be tagged appropriately. Let me know if I have missed anything. HEADS UP! My profile contains an animated static background.

Please Do Not

  • Offer on any character outside of "for sale" folder.
  • Claim my art/OCs as yours
  • Follow me if you are under 16
  • Compare my OCs to existing media

Content Warnings

  • Themes of mental illness
  • Nudity and mentions of sex
  • Gore, violence, weapons
  • Body horror, surreal horror, reality bending
  • Themes of cults and religion
  • Drugs, alcohol, tobacco
  • Eye imagery/symbolism
  • NSFW behind manual authorization

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