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  • If you would like to draw fanart for me, draw only characters in the ‘want art’ tag! Please do not draw 18+ artwork.
  • Do not reuse or take heavy inspiration from my characters, whether it be design or story-wise.
  • If you are suspecting that a character is stolen, let me know immediately with proof in hand.  I try my best to ensure the authencity of all of my characters, and I take character theft very seriously.
  • I do not wish to co-own any characters with people I don’t know, so unless you are a friend of mine, please don’t request or offer to co-own a character.
  • Please do not kin with any of my characters, especially my sonas.
  • Don’t try to push me into giving you a NFT character.
  • For RPs, I’m only open to very laidback, short-response roleplays.

Other than that, go right ahead! I am always open to conversation and inquires; don’t hesitate to contact me if you are concerned with something :)

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