Canary22's Bulletins

Character TOS

Posted 8 months, 4 days ago by Canary22

By purchasing my designs, you automatically agree to follow my Character Terms of Service.

Please respect them.

- These may change at any point, so if you're planning on selling or trading a design created by me, please check that you are following the rules. 

-- Last updated 30/09/20 (day/month/year) to add clarification to first rule

- Always credit me as the original character designer. 

-- If a base was used to create the design, make sure to credit the creator of the base as well.
-- Credit to my Toyhouse account is heavily preferred, however credit to my DeviantArt is also acceptable. Please do not credit my Chickensmoothie account due to users not logged in being unable to view profiles.

- I reserve the right to use character designs I have made as commission examples, but I will not use them in any other way once they have been purchased.

- Once you have bought the character, they are yours to do whatever you'd like with them. Use them in stories, comics, change the species etc, it's all okay.

-- That said, please ask me before transferring them into a closed species or ARPG.

- Please do not edit my artwork in any way besides cropping and resizing. If you wish to edit the art, it must be sent to me to be checked before it is posted anywhere.

- You may revamp the design as long as it is recognisable and the original design is still in your possession. You may not revamp a design, sell/trade/gift the original and keep the revamp, or vice versa. You may not sell/trade/gift the design then create a revamp of it for yourself to keep.

- Designs purchased from me may be resold, retraded, or gifted. They may only be sold for the amount you paid to buy them plus paid art worth. Art you drew for them adds onto the value the amount you would charge for said art, but free art from others does not add onto the value. (Using conversion rate 1 USD = 100 dA points = 20 c$)

-- An exception to this is free designs. These may only be traded or gifted unless there is extra paid art.