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Art fighting fight

Posted 20 days, 5 hours ago by CashlessDrake07

Nobody knows me or notices my presence but i'm in Art Fight anyways, jic   

Here's my Art Fight, and, let's go Team Nightmare!!

I'll upload my OCs over time kjfdñkljdsf

✪ Introduction

Posted 1 month, 29 days ago by CashlessDrake07

Is this,, what normal people do??

Anywaysss, i decided to do this bulletin to not make my profile so extensive and to make a proper introduction so!! Hope you like it :D I'll try to make everything as short as posibble hh

General info

Hello! My nickname is CashlessDrake07, tho i prefer to be called a shorter nick like "Cash" or "Dineros" ^^ I'm a 16 yo mexican girl so, you can talk to me in spanish or english! 

Every single one of my OCs is at least a bit fantasy related, i'm a big sucker for fantasy. I have of mostly every kind, like humans, humanoids, anthros, kind of eldritchy and at some point, ferals. Dunno if my OCs count as furries tho.

I don't do adopts! Neither do i sell or trade OCs (tho i have gifted OCs to friends in the past), but i do sometimes buy some adopts. Since i'm broke i just do art or Amino Coins for them djjkdfjk


My only "BYF" (more like, just the things i wouldn't like people to talk me about jfjhd) is that i'd prefer if you didn't talk too much about politics (things like presidents, laws and such) and/or were to support pedophilia, transphobia, nazism and homophobia. 

Fandoms and likings

So it's easier to talk to someone, basically!


  • Digimon
  • Kirby / Hoshi no Kaabi
  • Don't Starve
  • Danganronpa (please, no spoilers for mid SDR2 and V3!)
  • Puella Magi Madoka
  • Vampair
  • Cookie Run
  • Monster sagas
  • Homestuck
  • Steven Universe
  • Most of Nintendo! And maybe every saga introduced in Super Smash Bros.
  • Vocaloid
  • PvZ
  • Bandori
  • Puyo Puyo
  • Pokemon
  • Angels and demons
  • Magic!! wiZARDS!!
  • Basically anything magic,, dragons, magical girls, fantasy, everythinG
  • Eldritch
  • Art
  • Animation (i love to see any kind of animation, even animation memes, so you can talk to me about them!)
  • Yeah, every kind of entertainment, movies, animation, comics/webcomics, videogames and so
So, yeah, that's all! ^^ If you wish to talk to me, just hmu! You can even start the conversation with just a meme