Hey. This is the place where I dump my cringy personifications (or gijinkas) of chemical elements. I’m intending to do some sort of webcomic or online series with them but I need to stop procrastinating. ;)) read on to find out more.


  • Atomland as we all know, is a settlement that is surprisingly developed for a small population. All the elements in Atomland reside in a periodic table shaped apartment building called Mendeleev’s Estates, located in the heart of the settlement.
  • Most elements in Atomland have their own unique culture dating back eons ago, though it has evolved a lot and a lot of the rituals carried out there require human support or materials. Yes, there are rituals carried out, and chemical bonding is one of them. This is to ensure that the elements can control and use their powers in a productive manner, HOWEVER the original element culture is slowly being lost due to years of integration into human society, and newly discovered elements (having experienced most of their life either in hiding or alongside humans) are unaware of their culture. Even now elements prefer to wear human clothing over their original outfits that they used to have. (elemental wear) 

Backstory and History: 

  • Most Elements were birthed from the star dust left over after a star or celestial being dies. This occured a few billion years ago during the formation of Earth. Now, elements have a very slow rate of aging, they spent most of their years on earth before human existence as children. They would not age to full maturity until someone discovered new uses for them that showed their full potential. They spent their early childhood years mainly in hiding usually underground or in large caves. But they were curious about their powers.....and were amazed by how much they could create using them. Back then they would use their abilities to look after the earth as some sort of child guardians— they set up “rituals” so that they could rely on fellow elements to generate new abilities. 
  • Fast forward many years to when humanity existed. Elements were seen as either gods or sub human beings by humanity themselves. Humans tended to favour certain elements over others, and would try all sorts of ways to turn other elements into them. There was also the aspect of humiliation—elements were paraded around like dolls, made to duel to drive their fear level up and even experimented on. Not all the elements experienced this though, this treatment was usually reserved to those who caused harm as a punishment or for newer elements often in hiding. It was only in 1840 that these elements revolted against such treatment. 
  • After much experimentation and training under the supervision of Scientists, humans determined that an element’s abilities were useful for the workforce. For the first time ever, almost every element got spots in different jobs instead of being locked up in the lab. One key player in the promoting of elements’ abilities was Fritz Haber—he trained the elements for the military and to be strong. Even if that meant harsh discipline or days in a pressure chamber. A few elements were sent to war—their abilities meant for the good of the nation. 
  • But elements were impulsive beings, they could not control their powers in times of extreme emotions and this led to them doing more harm than good. Once it came to light of the horrific things they did, they fled for safety and isolated themselves in an underground society. This period of time was used as a fresh start for themselves: to forget what they did. They had no human interaction except with scientists who helped to make their lives easier. But other than that their existence was made confidential.
  • By the 1990s they had gained enough confidence to come out of hiding. A new element settlement was built in Europe, complete with safety barriers. Then bit by bit elements began to interact with human society. Things began to go smoothly for their species again.  But one fear that all elements have is that the past would repeat itself. They’re trying their best to start anew, to repent for their sins by adopting a new lifestyle. But it also raises another concern that elements are becoming too human and losing their identity. Can they truly have the fresh start they want? How will they prevent fellow elements from permanently leaving their community? 

(General art notes)

characters are ordered according to atomic number, not preference for who I want drawn!

  1. IMPORTANT: PLEASE keep my characters in character if they have a description! I do NOT like OOC art of my characters. (for example, if they’re a happy go lucky character, don’t draw them pouting or being angry!)
  2. Please go through their design notes :> 
  3. I’d prefer art of new characters or those with less art in general!
  4. IMPORTANT design update! please draw my Atomland OCs with pointed, longish ears (much like an elf) from now on, it is a common trait amongst  elements! I know that for some of them their hair covers their ears so it’s ok if their ears are covered. but please do not refer to my ref pics if you want to draw their ears accurately.