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Character Sale

Posted 1 month, 4 days ago by Cherri-Crimzon

Doing a clear-out of characters I don't use any more:

I'm mainly seeking USD and Art

Feel free to comment, PM, or contact me on discord with offers (Cherri-Crimzon#9245)

Character Codex - Discord Server

Posted 10 months, 12 days ago by Cherri-Crimzon

Slowly working on a TH world! But if you wanna join an 18+ server just for OC shenanigans, please join Character Codex!

We are super new so please feel free to spread us around!

Anyone be interested in creating an OC-centered discord server/TH world with me? 👀 

So dA is dead but I’m pretty active on discord and TH. So I was thinking about creating a discord server / TH world where me and some others could create moderate a place to talk about OCs (all kinds!) and maybe create simple monthly prompts for people to do? So like a dA group but not on dA cause dA sucks lmao

I am leaning more towards an 18+ server/community. Not for any specific NSFW content but just cause I rather talk to other adults with similar interests. If you are interested please DM me on discord (Cherri-Crimzon#9245)! I’d especially would need someone who knows how to do bots and stuff for discord.

I am slowly building out my new hoard and I'd love for my OCs to have some more relationships to flesh out their personalities and backstories!

Note, a lot of my CS designs are getting transferred to human designs

I'm not active in Griffia anymore, those will be extremely tentative unless you are seeking relationships with their human counterparts

So feel free to peruse my characters if you're interested in developing some relationships!



Needs to be discussed

More likely if you know me pretty well

I'm seeking






>Open Tag>Significant Others/Soul Mates/Romantic Relationships<Open Tag<

Feel free to PM me on here or contact me on dA!