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Posted 3 months, 26 days ago by Cookiecat138

Just realised me with my gems is basically just playing with dolls but in my head..  And my cosplay obsession is the same as when i used to dress as disney characters as a kid.  Guess i never really grew up at heart,  that's pretty sweet


Posted 3 months, 28 days ago by Cookiecat138

It's pikach- fUCK

In all seriousness though expect a dark type, ghost type and a psychic type pearl to appear soon~

Preclaims available at £15 on all three pearls~



Posted 5 months, 10 days ago by Cookiecat138

I've started filtering the redesigns into my open DA adopts folder, go check em out! I've got some colour prompt pearls too~~

Redesigned adopts!

Posted 5 months, 10 days ago by Cookiecat138


10 Votes yeye!!

Keep your eyes out, I'm redoing some of my unsold gems, most are getting scrapped if I can't shift em unfortunately. If you're interested in the babies react below! They're going up as paypal ota but will be moved to general OTA after a day or two

Trans struggles

Posted 5 months, 11 days ago by Cookiecat138

Desperately trying to fight the urge to shave my head. My hair is too long and i can't afford to go to the hair dressers and I'm going nuts today 

Gem clearout limited time

Posted 6 months, 9 days ago by Cookiecat138

do you ever just promise money you dont have? WELP that's what happened here jkdfhkh for a short time these are on sale, a lot probably wont go up again so get em whilst you can

Tysm for buying! 

Mini purge

Posted 6 months, 26 days ago by Cookiecat138

babs up for trade/art/customs!! I'll also take $10 each for lemon opal/comps and butterfly diamond

Discord server!

Posted 7 months, 23 days ago by Cookiecat138

I'm attempting a discord server again lmao. last one died pretty quickly but hey ho, if this one does too at least I've got a lil space to spam my stuff! This is where I'm gonna be active first because I keep clogging up my friend's kofi server and i feel bad. Things you can find here:

- Steven universe OCs and discussion
- First look at my adopts and holds on new babs
- First look at my Fragments comic progression and eventually access to all the pages
- Just a chill place to make friends in the SU community
- A place to advertise your social media, gems and commissions

Quick notes! This is a very relaxed server so there's not really any strict rules other than don't be a dick, you gotta be at least 16, no nsfw (other than general banter) and no overposting other's art without a 24 hour cooldown.

Dm me here or on discord for an invite!  My discord tag is cookiecat1384#3797 though you may need to send a friend request if we're not mutuals on discord.

Grid adopts!

Posted 7 months, 28 days ago by Cookiecat138

CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER *smash bros voice*

1 Votes Sapphires
8 Votes Pearls
6 Votes single opals
5 Votes lazulites

OKAY new grid adopts time! They're gonna be the same as the last lot but what gems would you like to see for sale? They'll be on base but very detailed like the previous lot

imma fight

Posted 8 months, 5 days ago by Cookiecat138

i wanna draw an adopt but brain says it doesn't wanna decide on what :/ might just make some pretty rose pearls