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Aha this is why i hoard old art files~ I'll add this to her profile for ya! also dw I prefer people crediting my th <3




I couldn't part with this lil lady unfortunately! Thank you for your interest though! 


I should be able to squeeze you in if you'd like! I can discuss the comm with you in messages or discord, up to you!

I'm mostly active in my discord server, you need to be 18 to join but its open for anyone! If you ever need to find me I'm always on here and insta too <3


Thank you!! They're my pride and joy✨💕


wow your SU designs are so great! ill def keep track if u ever have them ufo

Aaaah tysm!! I usually post my ocs for sale in bulletins or in my sale folders so thats the best place to look if/when you want to nab them <3

alrightt thank u!!!

Star defender is definitely forever homed, I'd have to think on quantum pearl though as i could possibly let her go! 

The others you'd have to ask around, they belong to other people I'm just the artist 💕

Oh shoot youre right! I forgot to check who they belonged to! And lmk (if you deside youd be ok with parting with her :) what you would be willing to take in exchange for quantum pearl!

OMG cant believe im just thinking of this now, could I commission you for a pearl custom? Im not sure if your comms are even open, but i just needed to ask

You can indeed! My comms just opened today so you have perfect timing lol. my prices are below:

on base su customs: £15-£20 depending on complexity 
SU character customs (e.g. pearls, lapises etc): £22 
Non canon customs (benitoite, azurite etc): £25 
Headshots: £10 
Half body: £15 
Full body: (not currently available) 
Emoticons: £5 each or 3 for £12

Oh damn I’m sorry, that’s over my budget! I’ll keep that in mind tho

No worries, I completely understand! I'll probably make a bulletin when they open again but feel free to reach out whenever <3

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Hiii just want to say you have excellent taste in gems! I was window shopping for gems in deviantart and I noticed all the gems that I like are bought by you! Your courts are so beautiful!

Aaaah thank you so much!! My gems are my biggest passion, I'm so lucky to have my babies <3 Blessed to know so many talented artists lol

your characters are so gorgeous! someday I would adore to afford a character from you! <3 Steven universe is a huge comfort to me as well, and is currently helping me get through my wrist surgery! your pretty rose pearls and everything pink is just so stunning. I adore everything you create, keep up the good work!

AHHH tysm for your kind words   check your transfers, I made you a gift as a thank you <3

OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH IM FREAKING CRYING! thank you so much that made my whole week. I can't thank you enough! I'll treasure her! 

You're super duper welcome <3 hope your wrist heals quickly btw!!

hello again lovely! I'm so sorry to be annoying to ask, but are selling any of your gems? :)

It's okie, never feel bad about messaging me with a question, I'm chill 💕 currently I'm only selling what's in my sale folder but I am in the process of working on the grid adopts mentioned in my latest bulletin. Was there someone specific you were after? I can let you know if they're forever homed or not

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Aaaah tysm!!!! You're so kind ;-;


WAILS tysm that's so nice of you!!! T^T

Ahh o my god! Can I just say that your art is so freaking gorgeous!

*o* Thank you so much!! That's really kind of you to say <3

Ofc <3

check your notifs <3

Ahh o my god!! I’ll have to make you something after I finish this class

Thank you so much TwT it’s so beautiful I can’t.

Don't stress too much, she's a gift after all! Glad you like it!!