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All characters and designs on this account are permanently owned and have active uses. 

-Do not ask if characters on this account are up for offers. Do not ask to be added to ping lists in case they ever go up for offers. They are my OC's, not aesthetic trading cards. If you send messages like this for characters on this profile, you will be blocked and deleted from that character's favourites without reply or warning.

-Do not add any characters here to "Dreamies" or kin lists

-I ask that you don't make designs or OC's based on them without explicit permission. Inspiration for themes/aspects/colour palettes is fine as long as its fine with any designers who are not me.

-My OC's are MINE. Art of them is not a freely available resource for your new dnd character.

-Art made of my characters/designs in trade, as gifts or as commissions can of course be uploaded to social media and used for self promotion (by the original artist ONLY) BUT MAY NOT be used for commerical purposes. You may not make or sell merch or items of any kind involving my characters including prints. I check artist terms for this before commissioning.

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