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It is me birthday :U

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Happy birth to me U:


You can download it here

Rules and shit:

You may:
Make and sell adopts, YES even for USD
Make personal characters and refsheets
Offer YCHs for sale
Edit and make new addon features
Make addon packs for free or sale
Convert it to other filetypes for others to use

You may not:
Redistribute the UNEDITED base for any kind of currency
Repost the base anywhere off of FA

CREDIT me and LINK BACK to the base so others may use it-!


-Scuttles away back into my cave-


Uuuh ClyncyeRudje is this month's Auracorn Guest Artist tho, hope you all enjoy the Auracorn designs they put out~!

My desktop hard drive has most likely completely died, my desktop suddenly shut off the other day and won't turn on at all, so I'm in desperate need of an External Hard Drive for my laptop in the event of another crash. I have these Auracorns for sale if you want to help out.:

I ALSO have these designs for sale, and some designs in my general trades folder are also priced for resale:

The Auracorn Masterlist is finally being updated again!

 I am STILL pretty behind on backlogs, but it would very much help me out of you have Auracorns already on the masterlist, even if they're being actively traded, PLEASE INCLUDE THE LINK TO THEIR MASTERLIST ENTRIES IN THEIR PROFILES! If they are NOT yet in the masterlist however you do not have to stress about their masterlist entry being linked at this time. I would also advise looking through the masterlist in case any current ownership information on entries may be wrong/require updating!

Also as a reminder, there will be some new TOS in effect/announced AFTER the masterlist has been updated. Besides the new TOS being considered in my last bulletin, I will ALSO be adding in the following to my TOS:

- Auracorns listed on Toyhouse may not be deleted or hidden, or if they are hidden, at LEAST be visable to me as the species creator. Hidden Auracorns are harder to track, especially in the case of possible scamming or other issues that may need proof of date, transfer history, etc. I will need to view their trade and sales history in order to better see what Auracorns changed hands for what reason.

As I'm working on the masterlist, I'm having a hard time finding and tracking hidden or deleted Auracorns, so now it will be required-especially if I list and transfer them for sales and trades, that they NOT be deleted or hidden from me! This is to better keep track of them in the future and to help prevent scamming or confusion. This will not come into effect until the masterlist is fully updated, but PLEASE keep this in mind for the future when it's announced!

I've been sitting on and thinking about some changes for Auracorns and the Auracorn group in the coming year, and wanted to share them with any of nya'll that would be willing to hear about them. I hope these ideas might excite some of you as I work more on the species and develop them and the community.

Again NONE Of this comes into effect until OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED next year! I am still thinking some things over and whatnot!

- I will be holding a contest for an icon for the Deviantart group, I feel like it's overdue for one and I think a lot of people who see it may mistake the species for feral or MLP-based at a glance. I'm hoping to come up with some good prizes too, so that'll be something I hope people are interested in participating in.

- I want to update the general species info and refsheet and (optional) lore. The refsheet is a bit old and somewhat outdated, I think it's about time I fix it up and make it less plain to boot.

- I want to put more focus on events, community and story, less focus on adopts. Meaning that adopts may also have a little more effort, at least from myself.

- I REALLY need to bring on one or more cofounders or contributors to help manage the group and/or discord chat. I really burnt myself out during the Halloween event and I'm still sortof recovering mentally-plus holidays have kept me busy with family. While I do appreciate the work of guest artists for adopts and the like, I really need help actually planning and putting art and stories out into the events as well as manage contests, people in the chat and general approvals for things.

- There may be an Update on general group and species rules + TOS/Make some things more clear. While things are generally smooth, I would like to make things less confusing-I still sometimes get people posting up unapproved MYOS publically without sending them in for approval first.

- There will be Less MYO slot prizes, more pre-made prizes for contests (excluding Special MYOs, such as Uncommon, Hybrid or even Legendary MYOs as peizes). There's honestly way too many un-used MYO slots out in circulation that haven't really been used up, so I think I won't be offering MYO slots for prizes as often, and even cut down on MYO slot sales events.

- Raffles? I'd like to do some raffles, either in the Discord chat or in general.

- I will ALSO be allowing Resells of Auracorns received through trade but ONLY if they've been in the owner's possession for a year or more! The price will be what was paid for in commissioned art however, NOT art made by the owner for free or giftart. They must ALSO have proof of a masterlist entry before being resold! Speaking of the masterlist...

- The masterlist will be worked on in the coming year, and might be something I'll need help with if I manage to get on more cofounders and contributors. This is also why I will be making less adopts next year. When the Auracorn Masterlist is finished being updated, ALL Auracorns MUST be required to have their masterlist entry linked in their Toyhouse profile, Deviantart reference, FA reference and so on! When the masterlist is finished being worked on, Auracorns can NOT be traded or sold without an up to date and verified masterlist entry!

- Voided Auracorns will also still retain their masterlist Entries, but they will indicate that the design has been Voided. This is in the case they are traded to someone who may want to reinstate their Auracorn status. AURACORNS THAT HAVE BEEN VOIDED TWICE CANNOT BE UN-VOIDED A SECOND TIME.

- In the coming year, after the masterlist has been updated, Crow-Faced made Auracorns will no longer be voidable. Only MYOs and guest designs may be voided, and only IF the guest artists themselves allow it in their own TOS. My species is fairly small, and I would like to see it grow through my designs and hard work. I would prefer my own designs not be voided if I can help it, so this rule is taking effect next year, but only AFTER the master list is up to date.

I think that might be all of what I have in store, but things may change, be added or not happen at all depending... but I hope it gets some of you guys hyped about the species next year!

December 2018 Auracorn Guest Artists

Posted 6 months, 2 days ago by Crow-Face

Almost forgot to announce this weep

This month and going on to the next year, we are going to have two guest artists every month instead of the one~!

And for December, the guest artists chosen are Hoenn and Kayelsea ~!

I hope you all look forward to seeing their designs in the coming month!

December 2018 Auracorn MYOs OPEN

Posted 6 months, 16 days ago by Crow-Face

Quick Trait Info

Deviantart Mirror

Comment below to claim a MYO slot~! Auracorn MYOs will be closing at the end of DECEMBER~! Slots may be purchased with cash or DA points~!

As always, MYO slots are $8 OR 800 Points~! Comment below to claim a slot! You may purchase as many slots as you want throughout the event!

I am ALSO, for this event, going to open up some limited slots for Auracorn MYOs with any other shaped gems~! These slots are limited, and for the time being will be one per person-and also a little more than the regular MYO slots ( Only $15 OR 1500 Points )

Special Not-Round/Oval Auracorn Gem Slots:

  1. CLOSED bought by miraclemango
  2. CLOSED bought by miraclemango
  3. OPEN
  4. OPEN



Approved MYOs - Needs updating

MYO Bases - Now with MSPaint-friendly options!

MYOS ARE ONCE AGAIN OPEN! Comment below to claim slots! I'm also doing bulk discounts for people, as some seem to like buying slots in bulk~! Rules for bulk discounts are below, and Approved MYOs will be posted to the Approved MYO stash after approval.

The Purchase deadline is currently set to THE END OF DECEMBER! MYO slots do NOT expire!

I am doing Bulk Discounts for MYO slots now! If you buy 3 or more slots, you get a discount! Buy 6 or more slots and get an additional slot FREE! *

3 Slots - $22 or 2200 Points

4 Slots - $25 or 2500 Points

5 Slots - $35 or 3500 Points

6 Slot - $45 or 4500 Points + 1 Free Slot

7 or more slot bulk purchases get $5/500 Points off + one free slot

10 bulk slot purchases or more get $10/1000 Points off + one free slot

* Applies only to BULK slot purchases, not applicable to slots bought one at a time at different intervals in the same event by the same buyer.

Species Information can be found here, if you are uncertain about something in regards to your MYO don't hesitate to ask~!

Also here is the Base Download, includes humanoid and feral bases, as well as the horn display template. You are allowed to use ALL provided bases for your slot.

You may purchase more than one slot and gift slots you've purchased. But PLEASE Inform me if you've sold/traded/gifted slots with someone and and to who!

You can also commission other people or request friends, etc to design your MYOs for you but they still must be sent to me for approval before posting.

In terms of designing your MYO, you are more or less free to alter and add to your MYO most anything, so long as it retains the basic idea that the creature is an Auracorn, meaning that yes your Auracorn can have a pair of solid horns in addition to their spiritual gem horn, wings, claws, fangs, extra eyes, scales, manes, etc and so forth, so long as you keep the central idea that they are an Auracorn.

For approval of your design, please PM me with a link to the design in stash or photobucket. Unnaproved designs cannot be posted publically, only AFTER they have been approved.

What you may NOT do however is the following:

- Make the eyes a different color from the forehead gem. In the case of heterochromia, at least one eye must be a match to the forehead gem, OR the forehead gem can be a gradient or other mix of the two different colored eyes.

- Replace the central horn gem with a 'real' central horn, or otherwise remove the gem altogether.

- Add more gems ANYWHERE on the body meant to be 'extra' horn gems

- Remove or alter the legs to be anything but hooves (ex: Turn the hooves into clawed or paw feet)

- Make the ears anything BUT the type of ears Auracorns normally have

- Give them a nose/muzzle that is anything BUT humanoid or equine

- Put anything other than a tuft of hair/fur to the end of the tail

- Make their gem a different shape

For further questions about the event or your MYO, feel free to ask~!

Putting my Auracorns on Sale

Posted 6 months, 24 days ago by Crow-Face

I've lowered the prices on my Auracorns I have up for offers, some as much as having $15 taken off their price~! This price change will remain until January!

Where else Nya'll can find me

Posted 6 months, 26 days ago by Crow-Face

I want to reach out and talk to people more, so here's where you can find/add me:

Discord - Crow Face#2286 , Tell me who you are from Toyhouse when adding lmao

Twitter - Mostly screaming, photos, sketches and politics

Deviantart - Closed Species and non-CS adopt and art nonsense

Furaffinity - Mostly adopts with Tits these days, sorry

Sketchblog - Sketches and development stuff, some of it I cross-post on twitter