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It's all good, I got you!

Are we allowed to use the things we got from the shards on the ota auracorns? I understand if you rather not, just didn't wanna assume and barge in on one xD

Do you mean Vouchers? For which one?

It would probably be one of the Halloween ones, just DANG CROW WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO FUCKIN GOOD AT THIS?!

Hehe I just REALLY love Halloween. And am committed to the current theme. I would say... maybe, tho probably not Spriggan-least not... right off the bat, that one took me like. Several weeks to finally finish... I'd like to see if I get some offers first since I just barely put that one up. But the others you can use your Voucher for.

Honestly the best holiday imo

Dw I get that, THEY'RE SO DUCKING PRETTY THOUGH congrats on the fantastic job!

In that case, could I get the bakoneko auracorn? Because gdi you got me: my love for cats and auracorns took me out

Sure thing-Oh! You've used up both your vouchers now, I hope you enjoy your feline-y Auracorn~!

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YOOOO where are your cute pink neko siblings? I missed seeing them :,0

Oh, kind of have them hidden at the moment, but they're still around

hello !! i was recently introduced to auracorns and gifted this babe, and would like to know if you knew how much he is worth in $, for my personal reference! feel free to hide this comment if you dont know, or after it was answered<3 n pppppssss. ur art is too good B)c

That Auracorn was sold for $10 originally, tho please be aware that since you got the design as a gift you'll only be able to trade or gift them

thank you v much!<3

No problem~! If you have any other questions about the species, feel free to ask~!

Aaaa very many thanks ;;;u;;; I am glad that people still rlly like them, there have been times I was worried and fairly down on myself while working on this species... but I feel they may be finally coming into their own-?

And my ways are honestly mostly practice ;u; I'm also like, super old so I've had many years of practice

I could NOT figure out how to do it. ;w;

After you upload a character, go directly to their profile and there should be the option to upload image on the side of their profile. Also don't forget to mark NSFW images as you upload them too, please! I do not see that on mine.

You're looking in a folder you created, NOT their profile. All those images you're submitting seperately you're submitting as new profiles. Delete all those profiles except one

Trying; haha. Sorry this is foreign to me.

Okay, here's an example of how profiles work So pick one of these you already have made, and delete the extras Whichever you have left you upload the images into that one

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Hey there, thanks for the follow-back! You're ocs are great! >uo b

No probs, I like ur style~!

Oh, thank you so much! :D


Heyyy! :D You're from Whirled/Synced right? Your art is cool! ^-^

Oh hey I remember you. Yeah I'm on Synced and you are too


Yeah, I haven't been on it recently but maybe I could check back one day if I'm not too busy or lazy. ^-^' How have you been? :D

Maybe someday. I've been on but it's kind of quiet atm. And I'm alright though it's been too hot for my liking so I end up feeling sicky


Right now I'm feeling very lazy cos I been to college and it's late, meep! :3

Yës. Më ëät.

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How many gardevoirs have you drawn?

A lot I guess?

Oh. Well I just go to my folders, highlight/select the characters in there, then copy and paste them directly into my topic?

hey how you been long time no talk ^^" moved and been busy with college

Hey wassup!

eyyy sorry i havent been on for awhile x-x life got busy and now im just finishing my first year of a two year animation course in college 

Lmao no worries it happens

Your characters are adorable! (and Auracorns are so cute omg I want one ;; ) Gonna be looking around here for a bit :P

Oh gosh thank you~! ;u; You're welcome to look, I have a few Auracorns up for offers right now too and sometimes have MYOs open

I have no paypal/money though haha ;; They're so pretty! Maybe I'll wait for a MYO or attempt to offer art ahah

A lot of pre-mades I have up are actually OTA so you can try offering art on any of them. Might take art on some of the priced ones too... only ones probably won't take art on are some of the collabs. This is the folder

Oh okay :0 I'm not sure if my art will be good enough for its price though haha cries :v I'm busy this week because I have two papers due, but I'll see if I can offer something if they're still some left next week!

Whatever you feel is best. A lot of the ones I currently have up haven't really generated much interest, so you might get lucky by then.

;u; could you allow me permissions to trade over my garnet Auracorn which will be going to this account as I am wanting to leave the one I am on thanks if you do uvu;

Sure thing, permissions updated

Ohgosh hello you have lovely characters, I saw the freeb auracorn and I was just so late ;u; keep up the awesome work. Cute babs, cute gallery, amazing person.

Ohgosh thanks cx

Thanks for the sub! :D

Welcome ouob

lmao why havent I been authorized/subscribed to you???? sdfGHJKL


i too have a bug son ;v;

O rlly? 8U

Yes! Here he be: - I typed up some info on DeviantART that I'll be adding soon, but there are pictures at least.

Boy, do I love Gwen. Sometimes, when I’m home alone, I’ll take some Gwen fresh out of the oven and rub her in my scalp. It doesn’t do much for my hair health, but I like the way she feels running through my strands of hair. The flakey coating, smooth white meat, and warmth. Yum

Hey butt-butt 8U