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I welcome you to my profile. I ask that you look through everything here on this page before you go any further because there are some very important things here on this page that need to be understood. So please look over the rules, warnings and DNI if you would please~ Besides that, I hope you have a great time looking around.


  • Be polite and friendly, also use common sense
  • Do not start random fights
  • Enjoy Your Stay


  • Ask questions
  • Ask about shipping
  • Asking about roleplaying.
  • Offering on characters for trade/same
  • Fanart is allowed [SFW only unless asked]


  • Rolepaly my characters without my permission.
  • Ask for my characters that aren't for trade/sale
  • Heavily referance, trace, copy or steal my characters
  • Randomly start shipping with my characters without permission

The following is am important message for all those entering into my profile to see my characters. Some characters have traumatizing, triggering, very graphic and dark background/stories as well as adult rated art and details. Others may have kinks that people do not want to see and or find disgusting or disturbing. This is your warning ahead of time before you go searching around into any of them.


  • Mature Kinks
  • Mature Content
  • Dark and Triggering Themes
  • Traumatizing Events Happen


  • Are a zoophile
  • Are a Pedophile
  • Overly Religious
  • Under the age of 18
  • Racist and or Sexist
  • Toxic over fandom/ships
  • Stalker and Drama Starter
  • Abusive and or Support Abuse
  • Act childish over simple things
  • Hate on anyone that is LGBTIQA+ or PoC

This is here for a reason.


  • vdova
    • - Spreading false information

      - Wishing people dead

      - Stalking and harassment

      - Whiteknighting/Keyboard warrior

      - Looks for drama to stick their nose in

      - thinks fiction effects reality

      - Block Evading

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