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Hi there ^^ Just wanted to let you know that I will be recreating the gift-a-furry thread as soon as a post comes up that I can claim. I will let you know as soon as this happens so you can lock the original thread.

Ok, thank you for telling me this! <3

Great! I just locked the old thread!

Thank you!

That design does look very familiar, but I honestly don't remember what happened to it. I don't have it now though, I'm really sorry. ;v;

Might sound a bit weird but I was wondering if you got rid of splitcycle? I didn't see her through your folders, and it's fine if you did get rid of her, I just want to keep track of who owns my designs

Oh, that's ok! Yeah, I ended up trading her because I found I couldn't draw her. She's currently owed by PapaAcacala on DA

I don’t know where to post this-

Would you ever accept art for ? He caught my eye as I was browsing ^^

Oooh, your art is cute! How much would you be willing to do for Flare? :3

Thanks ^^ maybe a few full bodies? Do you have anyone in particular?

I do have these two here: (Any outfit is fine to draw her in!)

Would they be ok for you?

Yeah, they’d be great!

Awesome! I'll put Flare in the pending folder for you!

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Hey Diamond! I was wondering if you'd like to do an art trade/collab thingy? I'm a big fan of how you design characters in their patterns and palettes and was wondering if you'd be cool with coloring my lineart for one of my characters and I color lineart for something you make! Lemme know what you think.

That sounds like lots of fun! I'm so glad you like my color palletes/patterns for characters! I don't have a lineart sitting around at the moment, but I could definitely think something up! What lineart were you interested in getting colored?

I don't have any lineart ready either tbh xD but I can have it ready within 3-4 days if that's okay with you! I figured we'd both need acouple of days since I just springed it on you.

Sounds good to me! And we can note each other the lineart once we're done with them! :3

hi!! do you happen to know a user who goes by "F1SHH" or Ib_Blonder? I believe theyve stolen an adopt you bought! 😧

OH, don't worry, I don't own that adopt anymore! I traded it, so this person is probably the legit owner now!

Thanks so much for the concern though! 

oh gosh, im so glad! i saw it on the newest page, and theres been SO MANY STOLEN OCS lately, i got worried lmao. no problem!! 😄

Ikr? It's been pretty alarming how often characters have been stolen these day...that's why I've been putting my watermark on all the characters I currently have on TH.

But thank you again for the concern!

qwq you're super nice and sweet and aaaaa

so I sub'd and authorized you!! God bless~

AAA Thank you so much!! <3

Subscribed and authorized right back! God bless you too! X3

"Rumor says you're a great blacksmith, miss Amaranth. May I ask what your prices for light armor are? and if you had worked with... "magical" weapons before."

"Well, I wouldn't say great. But I have worked with making a wide variety of tools, weapons and armor. Prices for light armor are normally half the price of standard weight armor. But may I ask...what kind of 'magical' weapons did you have in mind?"

(Sorry, I had to reply in character too, but I love this, oh man! XD)

Thanks for the subscription and watch. Added a watch and subscribe as I like your work and you seem really cool.

Aww, thanks so much! :D

And your welcome! :3