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1.You are more than welcome to draw fan-art of any of my characters!~ Any form of artwork is fine, you may draw them with your characters, in different clothes, and gender bending is okay!

2.Please DM me about NSFW artwork or ship related works. There are some characters I will or will not be comfortable with receiving those sorts of works for. And for shipping, I would appreciate DMs on DA or Twitter to talk about it.

3.Please do not kin or RP with my characters.

4.Certain characters on this page will have irredeemable or very harsh backstories. Please keep in mind that they are works of fiction, and they do not reflect my own personal thoughts or feelings. They're solely created for story purposes. If you see any characters that are not tagged properly, please DM me and let me know.

5.Please do not ask me to sell or trade characters that are not marked as "for sale" or "for trade", under no circumstances will I accept your offer.

6.Some characters will contain some NSFW images (be it gore, nudity, etc), they are all tagged based on the content contained within them. Please DM me if there are any that are not marked as such, or if you think an image should be.

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