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        ★ DO NOT KIN MY CHARACTERS ★        
        ★ DO NOT DEPICT THEM IN NSFW ★        
        ★ DO NOT REPOST MY CONTENT ★        

        ★ I will make every effort to keep my profiles suitably SFW, taking such steps as tagging sensitive artwork, and forewarning/obscuring text blocks that aren't generally palatable. However, there will be occasional references to mature themes that appear without warning. If you are uncomfortable with subtle (or vivid) written/visual depictions of these things, please, do not proceed to enter. You may encounter heavily scarred characters, mentions of abuse and violence (including gore and death), references to drugs and alcohol, and quotes that are less than child-friendly, or which go against the views of the moral majority. ★        

        ★ This is your warning. ★        

        ★ I won't apologize if you ignore it and then get upset about what you willfully chose to walk into. ★        

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