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-You Are allowed to draw my characters but please DM me first and ask if it’s ok. Same goes if you want to get a piece with one of my characters in it.

-You may kin with my characters but you must tell me. Please do not claim my characters as your own and certainly DONT use any of my character refs for your own personal reasons.

-You may Roleplay as my characters but YOU HAVE TO CONTACT ME FIRST. Make sure the person you are roleplaying gets linked to me and knows I am the creator of that character.

-Do not copy my designs, I’m willing to make similar sorta designs off of some of my characters for you if you trade me but some characters are 100% off limits for similar designs.

-Respect the species I own, don’t trash on it because you don’t like it just simply ignore and move on with your day.

Those caught violating these rules will be subjected to harsh punishment.

Thank you for reading my Terms!

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