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  • Some of my OCs may have depressing backstories, and I do draw non-detailed gore and fairly intense moments from time to time. I'll do my best to have warnings on individual characters and tag art, but always feel free to ask me to add warnings. 
  • Don't steal, trace, or repost my art for ANY reason. (If you recieve art from me as a gift/trade/commission/etc. you may post it with credit to me if I haven't yet.) I do not support NFTs, nor the creation of NFTs using my work. 
  • You are ALWAYS free to draw my characters for personal practice or as gifts! Show me what you made please too! It genuinely brightens my day to see. 
  • Do not claim the design as your own, or post without tagging me though. (Tag me in descriptions so it doesn't show in my art tab please) 
  • Anyway, to reiterate, I take character theft pretty seriously since I'm planning on working in character design professionally for videogames and such. That being said, even if my commissions are not open, feel free to inquire, especially for larger projects! I'd be most excited to work on indie or tabletop rpgs. The do/don't boxes are for things I am comfortable drawing, as well as recieving for art of my characters.
General Character DO's/DONT's:


  • Tweak outfits, simplify designs as long as the design remains recognizeable.
  • Friendly interaction with yours or other's OCs. Ships that I've already mentioned is also ok.
  • DM me if you want to know more about a character! I'm always happy to talk about them!
  • Suggestive artwork/pinups of 18+ characters as long as it respects their stated sexuality or relationships. Generally ask before you draw these though.
  • Totally ignore more specific things about a character's design. (i.e. scars, birthmarks, accessories you see me drawing them with in every outfit.)
  • Change their body type, facial features, skin color/etc. No  "beautifying" them. Some of my OCs are stinky old men, some of them are buff ladies, and I designed them that way on purpose! Don't change it.
  • Post the art on other sites without tagging me. You can always contact me to see what my @ is on different platforms, or go to
  • Realistic gore, unsettling body contortions, needles. Dump as many buckets of blood on a character as you want if you want to draw gore though! I don't mind more severe injuries being drawn as long as they're not detailed or hidden.

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