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Heyo~! Welcome to my page! Here's some quick stuff before you venture in- I swear, I don't bite, but may as well lay down the basics since so many folks do it already on TH.

  • You know the drill, don't steal my characters or do weird stuff with 'em! >:c I am literally studying for a degree in vis dev and hoping to do character design as my career. Don't steal my shit, because it intrudes on my planned profession.
  • You're always welcome to draw or write about my characters for personal practice and such! Just don't post them without crediting me for them, and like, show me what you made! (You can check my profile for my general dos/don'ts of using my characters! Or ask me if anything is unclear!)
  • Just because commissions are closed doesn't mean you can't ask about 'em! I may still take one or two if I really love the character design, and I'm open to hearing about stuff for professional projects, especially videogames or tabletop RPGs.

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