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Hi welcome to my page! More info about me can be found on my profile! ^^ Xx

Theft: If you try to steal any of my designs or characters then action will be taken - legal if necessary.

Character Warnings: 
My characters may have: Swearing, Sexual themes, mentions of religion/cults, or dark/triggering content/themes on their profiles or thumbnails there will be no warning for swearing or mild sexual themes but there will be a warning for explicit sexual themes or triggering content and the same goes for images.

Purchased Characters: When you make a character exchange with me, you agree to give me all rights to said character. This means I can do as I wish with them. Including, but not limited to, the following: re-sell or trade them, make minor design changes, make relationship changes, and create/change their story/info etc.

Looking for art: 
Real Currency: I’m always looking for more art of my characters so if you see anyone you'd really like to draw feel free to reach out and show me your examples & prices Xx
Game Currency: If you take commissions on either of these sites then reach out to me and show me examples and your prices! I am no longer active on WolfPlay but I still have a lot of mush & apples left so if you do commissions on WolfPlay then feel free to reach out to me! My pack number is 226613. I am currently most active on Wolvden though and my user ID on there is 6724. 

Ping Lists: Yes! I do ping lists on any of my characters! Just comment on their profile or message me! 

Majority of my characters have notes at the bottom of their profiles with specific things to keep in mind when drawing them. Take note of these things.

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