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Hello there - just a quick warning before you continue to my profile! ^^ I'm a big fan of the horror genre so some of my characters stories or designs might be upsetting! Any characters with potentially triggering content will be marked with a warning, so don't worry! ;w; Just read through this and you're good to go! //most of these are pretty obvious, haha! nvn If certain topics mentioned below make you uncomfortable I'd recommend clicking off! ;w; Thank you for understanding and I hope you have a wonderful day! QuQ

Please Do Not

  • Kin my characters! I use a lot of my characters to cope or represent parts of myself!! So this makes me really uncomfortable!! Drawing gift art is fine!
  • Draw NSFW of my Characters unless I give you permission! I'm an adult but it feels wierd having someone you don't know draw pron of your characters?? Gore is fine!
  • Steal my characters! You're welcome to be inspired or colour pick, just don't make a carbon copy of them or something super similar to their design!
  • Send me DM's unless it's serious! They make me very anxious! ;;

Content Warnings

  • Murder, religion / religious cults, physical / emotional abuse, unhealthy / abusive relationships, kidnapping, stalking, drug use, death, gore & some rare nsfw! I obviously don't condone the actions of any of my edgy characters - they're meant to be bad people!
  • Body Horror e.g clusters of eyes, parasitism, disfigurement, mutation
  • Depictions of mental health e.g self harm & suicide!! Again, I use certain characters to cope - I'm not trying to romanticise it!! It sucks!
  • Insect characters!! They're not super accurate depictions of bugs but!! I realise they might be upsetting!!

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