DemonicAdversary's Bulletins

As the title says, I am making Lovedarts an open species, rather than a closed one!

I never have the energy to make them myself, but I know a few people do like them!

So, what does this mean?
Simply put, anyone is allowed to make a lovedart if they wish, at no charge, so long as the design is approved by me!

I just want people to have fun with the species!

So You Want To Make a Lovedart

Great! Here are the basic rules! 

-You are allowed to use any traits you wish! Mix and match, whatever you like!
-You are allowed to make any type of lovedart that you'd like. This includes neutrals or ferals. 
-If you make a lovedart, the design(s) does have to be approved by me! Simply send me a PM to get an approval for your designs!
-If the design is not approved, it is not a valid lovedart. the designs are REQUIRED to be sent to and approved by me.
-I keep a folder with all approved lovedarts, so I can keep track of legit lovedarts!

In Regards to previous existing Lovedarts
-There is no refunds on already existing lovedarts.
-You are still allowed to sell/trade existing lovedarts.
-Lovedarts made that were NOT purchased cannot be sold. They can only be traded or gifted.

Lovedart Resources
Lore and General Info:
Basic Lovedart Base:
If you want a lovedart created by me: (there will be a charge for a custom)

Character Appreciation

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by DemonicAdversary

Do you have any favs among my ocs? Design or personality wise, or you feel they would be good friends with your oc? Or an oc I have you wish had more story written out on their profile? let me know! I'd love to hear what ya'll think about my ocs!

Commissions are OPEN

Posted 1 year, 6 months ago by DemonicAdversary

Just wanted to remind everyone that my commissions are open! I'm pretty much willing to draw just about anything. 

My commissions are also $10 off right now!


(if image does not load: )

tbh I'm amazed at myself that I finished these before halloween BUT I DIGRESS.....

Some special halloween lovedarts! Each has special traits!

 $40 Each!
(Will most likely be changed to OTA at a later date)

-Feral Lovedart (Special)

-Buyer's choice of negative or positive
-Multiple gems (Special)
-No fur in ears or hips (uncommon)
-Feral claws (Special)
-No tails (Special)

-Negative Lovedart
-Droop ears (rare)
-Semi-bald tail (Due to rotting)
-Missing fluff (due to being stitched together)

-Buyer's choice of negative or positive
-Large perk ears
-Large bat-like wings (Special)
-Single bald tail (Rare/Super Rare)
-Diamond shaped gem (Special)
-No ankle fluff (Uncommon)

Comment to claim!

Overwatch Discord chat!

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I have nobody to talk about overwatch with so I really wanted to make a server to talk BS about overwatch

PC gamers preferred but u can join if ur ps4/xbox too ;3c


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On base custom- $20
You can choose between two different bases:

Off base custom: $30

Any type of rare traits- $3 per trait

Custom Feral or Neutral lovedart (Always off base)- $50
Any type of traits are available for these customs.

How to order: 
Send me a pm and include the following information!

What kind of custom? On/off base?
How many rare traits?
Positive, negative, etc?
Color palette (must provide a visual color palette)
List the traits you'd like
Gem placement/Other gem traits?
Hairstyle? (visual reference not needed)
Other comments/Requests


Posted 1 year, 11 months ago by DemonicAdversary

Just some basic rules and such for buying my adoptables. This includes my species..


-claims must be clear. you may pm me to claim, or through a thread. Do not ask for it by commenting on the character.
-I only accept Paypal in USD. When sending payment, make sure you mark down as Goods/Services and "No address needed/No shipping required"
-I do not do holds.
-Payment must be made within 24 hours of claim, or you offer will be rejected.
-After payment, you will get a full resolution image of the adopt. Will have transparent background.

-You may regift the adopt if you wish. However, if you were gifted the adopt, you may NOT trade or re-sell this adopt. It may only be obtained through gifting or giving away for free.
-However, if you were gifted/given the adopt for free by me, you MAY trade it ONLY if you ask my permission first!
-You can trade. If the adopt was obtained via art trade, you can still trade it for another design or art. 
-You can resell, but do not sell it for more than you paid for, unless the adopt comes with extra commissioned pieces or quality pieces you drew yourself.
-You may NOT voucher any of my adopts. 

-Do not use my adopts for profit, they are for personal use only
-Make sure to credit me as the creator of the design if posted anywhere (Such as Toyhouse, DA, Weebly, etc)
-You can make minor edits to the designs, but the original design should still be recognizable. (Any major edits should be approved by me.)
-Any edits made to my species (Lovedart) adopts should ALWAYS be approved by me.

Lovedart Lore/Info! (NEW)

Posted 1 year, 11 months ago by DemonicAdversary


Art by Kummone

An emotion based creature, Lovedarts are born from events causing extreme emotions, be it happy, sad, angry, and every emotion inbetween.
They can be born from something as simple as getting excited after not seeing someone for a long time, to the extreme anguish of losing a loved one, and anything else you can think of.

Lovedarts can be very social creatures, living side-by-side with humans or other species/creatures. Though more common in positive lovedarts, negative lovedarts have been seeing tolerating living with others, though they are typically distant and prefer to live in isolation, or with other negative lovedarts.

There are four types of lovedarts, positive, negative, feral, and neutral.

Positive Lovedarts

Positive Lovedarts are typically born from and thrive off of positive emotions, such as happiness, joy, excitement, surprise, etc.
-They typically have happy, bubbly, friendly personalities (But this does not mean they cant have other personalities.)
-Usually, positives are lighter/brighter in color. (A pure white lovedart is extremely rare)
-They love to socialize, and love to be in large groups and the center of attention.
-They make excellent pets or house-mates, and are perfectly content with being house-maids or other jobs similar. It's not uncommon, however, to see them higher in society situations, such as running a company or being head of household.
-Positives normally have upward facing ears, upward curled tails, bright colored gems and fur colors.

Negative Lovedarts

-Negative lovedarts are born and thrive from negative emotions, such as fear, anger, sadness, etc. Negatives can be dangerous at times, as they can often be unpredictable, bitter, and sly. (This however, doesn't mean that they can't be friendly.)
-They typically have standoffish, unfriendly, nasty personalities.
-Usually dark in appearance, with duller colors. (Fully black lovedarts are extremely rare.)
-They prefer isolation, hiding away in non-populated areas such as abandoned areas of cities, woods, subways, etc. They can be very stand-offish and may get violent if approached. (It's not very common to even find them in large cities, but they may try to assimilate into the community of a small town or area)
-People claim seeing a negative lovedart is a bad omen.. People will often treat it like they've seen a ghost, and get a priest to bless the area the lovedart was seen in.
-Negatives normally have downward facing ears, downward curled tails, dull colored gems and fur colors.

Feral Lovedarts

Ferals are a tricky type of lovedart, as they are usually born from the collective emotions of large groups. This can include funerals, protests, natural distasters, events caught on video/seen on the news (assassinations, murders, random acts of kindness, etc.)
-Ferals can be both negative and positive, depending on the situation they were born from. Negative Ferals are more common, as more often people group together emotionally for negative events, rather than happy ones.
-They can usually have any type of personality, but they usually appear more "wild", in that they are always more cautious and jumpy. Their personality/emotions are always more "Extreme", very often over-reacting or being very hyper.
-They share traits with negatives/positives, but they have unique traits including large claws, excessive fluff, and being much taller than the typical lovedart. They can usually be described as being much more monster-like than their normal negative/positive siblings.
-People are typically put off by the sharp, scary appearance of lovedarts, despite being positive or negative, so they are often forced to be isolated, even if they dont want to be. Some ferals, mainly positives, can very easily live with humans, they may just be discriminated for their appearance.
-Traits are the same as their negative/positive counterparts, but large claws (And lack of claws) Are considered rare, and non-fluffy or less fluffy are considered rare. They typically have only two horns, more or less is rare.

Neutral Lovedarts

Neutral Lovedarts are one of the most rare type of lovedarts that can be born. They are so rare, only a few have ever been seen.
-Both light and dark, their colors are split down the middle. They are large beings, with beautiful wings. Some claim them to be angels, as seeing one is just as rare.
-They are rumored to be born from complicaitons in pregnancy, such as miscarriages, the mother dying during childbirth, or the birth of a stillborn child. Mothers have claimed to see these lovedarts, feeling ease and comfort, as if the creature has come to empathise them.
-Neutrals are very motherly, and there have been rumors of children born from dead mothers are often taken away by these creatures, to be raised by them as if they were their own.
-Since such little is known about these, nothing is known about their personalites.
-Traits for lovedarts can only be described as a negative and a positive mashed together, as if the being could not decide what type they should be. Their traits can be positive, negative, or both (Meaning, having two sets of ears/tails, one being upward facing, and one down.). They can also have multiple limbs, horns, wings, and claws.
-There's really no such thing as a rare trait when it comes to Neutrals, because their existance is already a super rare occurance.

Additional Trait Info

-Wings are a rare trait for positives/negatives.
-There is no gender dimorphism between lovedarts. 
-They can, however, have a huge range of body types, including chubby, curvy, muscular, etc. 
-They have genetalia, but there is no gender specific genetalia. "male" lovedarts can have the "female" bits, and "female" lovedarts can have the "male" bits. They can also have a mix of the two. It's personaly preference to the lovedart what gender they identify as, regardless of genitals.
(Note: If you'd like to see a reference for lovedart genetalia, please message me privately and I will provide you with the image.)

-Lovedarts do not need to eat to survive, but are fully capable of doing so. Some enjoy eating, and other don't.

-Lovedart eyes always match the color of their gems. This includes if their eyes are heterochromic, the gem will be multicolored to match..
-It is very rare if their eyes dont match the gem color. 

-Lovedarts can be smaller or nearly the same size as a human, but are almost never taller than the average. They're fairly small! Unless they're feral or neutral, they never exceed more than 5'7''
-Feral lovedarts are usually much larger than the average human. Usually anywhere from 6'5'' to 7', though they can certainly be shorter than this!
-Neutral lovedarts are generally very large, the average height being 8'. They can however, be anywhere from 6'8''-9' tall.

Gems can be found anywhere on their body. They can be any size, but they're usually about the size of the palm of your hand.
Gems can also replace parts of the body, such as eyes. 

Visual References

If images do not appear, you can find them here:

Pink/Red- More common in positive lovedarts
Blue- More common in negative lovedarts
Light green- Rare, more common in positive lovedarts
Dark green- Rare, more common in negative lovedarts
Yellow- Common, equally common in both lovedart types
Orange- Rare, equally common in both lovedart types

Unlisted traits include (All rare)-
-XXL Lop ears
-XXL Lop Tails