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Commissions: OPEN.

Posted 3 months, 22 days ago by DemonicAdversary

Please consider commissioning me! You can find the info for my commissions over here!

As the title says, I am making Lovedarts an open species, rather than a closed one!

I never have the energy to make them myself, but I know a few people do like them!

So, what does this mean?
Simply put, anyone is allowed to make a lovedart if they wish, at no charge, so long as the design is approved by me!

I just want people to have fun with the species!

So You Want To Make a Lovedart

Great! Here are the basic rules! 

-You are allowed to use any traits you wish! Mix and match, whatever you like!
-You are allowed to make any type of lovedart that you'd like. This includes neutrals or ferals. 
-If you make a lovedart, the design(s) does have to be approved by me! Simply send me a PM to get an approval for your designs!
-If the design is not approved, it is not a valid lovedart. the designs are REQUIRED to be sent to and approved by me.
-I keep a folder with all approved lovedarts, so I can keep track of legit lovedarts!

In Regards to previous existing Lovedarts
-There is no refunds on already existing lovedarts.
-You are still allowed to sell/trade existing lovedarts.
-Lovedarts made that were NOT purchased cannot be sold. They can only be traded or gifted.

Lovedart Resources
Lore and General Info:
Basic Lovedart Base:
If you want a lovedart created by me: (there will be a charge for a custom)

Character Appreciation

Posted 2 years, 8 days ago by DemonicAdversary

Do you have any favs among my ocs? Design or personality wise, or you feel they would be good friends with your oc? Or an oc I have you wish had more story written out on their profile? let me know! I'd love to hear what ya'll think about my ocs!

Commissions are OPEN

Posted 2 years, 3 months ago by DemonicAdversary

Just wanted to remind everyone that my commissions are open! I'm pretty much willing to draw just about anything. 

My commissions are also $10 off right now!


(if image does not load: )

tbh I'm amazed at myself that I finished these before halloween BUT I DIGRESS.....

Some special halloween lovedarts! Each has special traits!

 $40 Each!
(Will most likely be changed to OTA at a later date)

-Feral Lovedart (Special)

-Buyer's choice of negative or positive
-Multiple gems (Special)
-No fur in ears or hips (uncommon)
-Feral claws (Special)
-No tails (Special)

-Negative Lovedart
-Droop ears (rare)
-Semi-bald tail (Due to rotting)
-Missing fluff (due to being stitched together)

-Buyer's choice of negative or positive
-Large perk ears
-Large bat-like wings (Special)
-Single bald tail (Rare/Super Rare)
-Diamond shaped gem (Special)
-No ankle fluff (Uncommon)

Comment to claim!

Overwatch Discord chat!

Posted 2 years, 7 months ago by DemonicAdversary

I have nobody to talk about overwatch with so I really wanted to make a server to talk BS about overwatch

PC gamers preferred but u can join if ur ps4/xbox too ;3c


Posted 2 years, 8 months ago by DemonicAdversary

On base custom- $20
You can choose between two different bases:

Off base custom: $30

Any type of rare traits- $3 per trait

Custom Feral or Neutral lovedart (Always off base)- $50
Any type of traits are available for these customs.

How to order: 
Send me a pm and include the following information!

What kind of custom? On/off base?
How many rare traits?
Positive, negative, etc?
Color palette (must provide a visual color palette)
List the traits you'd like
Gem placement/Other gem traits?
Hairstyle? (visual reference not needed)
Other comments/Requests


Posted 2 years, 8 months ago by DemonicAdversary

Just some basic rules and such for buying my adoptables. This includes my species..


-claims must be clear. you may pm me to claim, or through a thread. Do not ask for it by commenting on the character.
-I only accept Paypal in USD. When sending payment, make sure you mark down as Goods/Services and "No address needed/No shipping required"
-I do not do holds.
-Payment must be made within 24 hours of claim, or you offer will be rejected.
-After payment, you will get a full resolution image of the adopt. Will have transparent background.

-You may regift the adopt if you wish. However, if you were gifted the adopt, you may NOT trade or re-sell this adopt. It may only be obtained through gifting or giving away for free.
-However, if you were gifted/given the adopt for free by me, you MAY trade it ONLY if you ask my permission first!
-You can trade. If the adopt was obtained via art trade, you can still trade it for another design or art. 
-You can resell, but do not sell it for more than you paid for, unless the adopt comes with extra commissioned pieces or quality pieces you drew yourself.
-You may NOT voucher any of my adopts. 

-Do not use my adopts for profit, they are for personal use only
-Make sure to credit me as the creator of the design if posted anywhere (Such as Toyhouse, DA, Weebly, etc)
-You can make minor edits to the designs, but the original design should still be recognizable. (Any major edits should be approved by me.)
-Any edits made to my species (Lovedart) adopts should ALWAYS be approved by me.