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* Most, if not all, of my ocs are LGBT+ of some sort so please leave your ignorance at the door or don’t even interact with me. My indigenous ocs are also not here for your entertainment, disrespect or appropriation of their culture will not be tolerated.

DO NOT INTERACT IF YOURE BELOW 17! That means not favoriting characters, messaging me, offering on someone or random character comment. Putting this here since younger people seem to ignore this entire warning

Check my sales folders for info on trades if that is what you’re here for


• Ask before making “Fanart” or shipping with your/another oc, I may decline though

• Compliment or message me if you’re interested in rping or just want to chat and discuss ocs

• Be respectful and kind to me and my ocs

• Read warnings for potentially disturbing content


• Bring hate, prejudice or ignorance here. Leave it at the door

• Make NSFW art of any kind of my ocs, I’m not comfortable with that at this time

• Copy, trace, heavily reference or kin my ocs, I will clap you and they are not yours so be respectful.

• Demand things: Roleplays, art, trades or things of the like

DNI If you….

• Sexualize feral, minor/minor appearing characters, that’s disgusting please leave. Do not sexualize my anthro characters they are STRICTLY SFW

• Support self diagnosing or anything related to that, as someone who is disabled this is extremely offensive.

• Support hate groups and actively participate in anti-lgbt, racial hate groups/events and etc.

• support relationships between minors and adults and anything within that realm. That’s vile.


~ Please enjoy my guys, gals and pals. I welcome most but won’t stand for drama. I’m also a big Hasan Piker fan so take that as you will. ~

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