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Hello everyone! This is something I wanted to address since a while, but was always afraid of sounding rude or something ;w; 

When posting artwork you make with my bases, please don't use my TH account for credit! 
I would prefer people clicking on my "Art" tab to see artwork actually made by me, if that makes any sense? :,3 I'm not super active with posting art on my public platforms, especially personal art, so this would be a way for people to see it ahah;;;

When crediting my bases, please use off-site links! You can use my deviantart, FurAffinity, or (preferred) my ko-fi so people see where you actually got the bases:

Thank you so much for reading and understanding, I really appreciate it ♥

★ { trade wishlist } ★

Posted 2 years, 5 months ago by DesireeU

Decided to make a wishlist/preference when it comes to designs, art and items, like many others, to hopefully help out people when offering on my adopts or trades!
Now onto the actual list (which is still a big WIP and will be edited as I get the time, ahah ;w; )!

For any of these I can offer either cash/points, art, designs (premade/unsold or custom), characters I have for trade, my CS MYO slots, and of course art (including slots of my YCHs)!

preference:  artwork > physical goods > vouchers > outfit design> character designs > species

★ { design themes } ★

♥ yes please ♥  || 
(need to finish organizing;;)

♥ any gender and species welcome! (tho I heavily go for girls~)
♥ fave species: unicorns, dragons, rodents (hamsters and mice), felines, wolves, deer, regular human, myth species in themes below
♥ fandoms: pokemon, yugioh; am into more but not looking for ocs for other series atm
♥ historical: ancient world (greek, roman, egyptian, etc.), middle ages/renaissance, victorian, etc.
♥ mythological: from ancient gods to folklore creatures, anything goes!
♥ retro: pinups/50s, retrowave/80s, childhood toys/90s, early 2000s
♥ starry, galaxy themes; also love constellation or zodiac based designs! *winks in ♀ capricorn and ♂ gemini
♥ cutesy: pastel colors, girly girls, lace and ribbons, sparkles, pretty accessories etc.!
♥ creepy: creatures of darkness, shadowy limbs, some blood, spikes and thorns, dripping black zalgo eyes, common themes turned dangerous (ie. hospitals, videogames, childhood memories, circus/fairs, etc.)
♥ sexy: gimme all of the hot guys and gals pls...not much into modern sexy designs tho, mainly more fantasy (angels/demons included), historical and mythological!
♥ angels and demons; also vampires!
♥ military uniforms ;o; also armors/armor pieces if not too complex!
delicate, dainty, and/or elegant girls
♥ royalty in general
♥ flowers (roses are love, but so are lilies of the valley, hydrangeas, bleeding hearts + more!)
♥ aesthetic/moodboard adopts
ethnic/foreign: especially middle eastern/arabian, oriental is good too; ethnic vibes applied to modern clothing is also fine! (grew up with parents loving indian, peruvian and native american music/clothing/culture x,D)
crystals, gems, ice
outfit adopts, I already have tons of ocs so I'd rather spoil those I have than add more!

♣ picky ♣
♣ high fantasy: not into it as much as I was; designs tend to be too complex to replicate, but I still love the genre and will look at it! (esp. if with themes above! But would rather go for simpler fantasy stuff ;w; )
♣ kemonomimis: I tend not to have much use for them in my stories, but will def look at them! (especially if I can modify the design/remove the ears+tails); only exception are more faun-like/fantasy characters, ie. a mostly human dragon guy with more draconic legs, clawed hands, horns/tail/wings a few scales on skin etc. I friggin' love those~
♣ ferals/MLP: same as above, I tend not to use them much in stories so if you don't mind them being possibly turned into anthros/humans offer away! MLP characters are certainly going to be used as anthros or humans, as I'm out of the MLP phase and not interested in such characters anymore (I already have yet to find a use or trade my 100+ ponies x,D)
♣ lolita/overly cutesy: I just have little to no use for them, might make exceptions only if they're combo'ed with other themes I like! (retro, victorian, country etc.)
♣ modern: I tend to use modern designs only for fandom ocs nowadays, there are many I really LOVE so don't be afraid to offer them (especially if aesthetically pleasing hhhh), I'll be picky especially if it's generic fashion tho! (a unique accessories and/or a print on clothes can really make a difference!)

♠ not really ♠
♠ gore: despite loving horror I'm pretty sensible so no guts, excessive blood, zombies, amputations, gross injuries, etc. please!
♠ femboys (sorry, I just have no use for them; if you offer them and I like their designs they'll 90% be turned into a girl sorry;;; )
♠ sci-fi: I love galaxy stuff but not really into the more techy/sci-fi designs, not looking for aliens either; may make exceptions for retro/80s vibes designs!
multilimbs (at exception of shadowy extra limbs or similar in more creepy designs)
old characters, facial/body hair (not able to draw)
"extreme" designs, not interested in very simple/bland designs, but not super detailed ones either (too difficult to redraw)
neon/eyebleed palettes

★ { original species } ★

*not really into species as much as I was, so I will be generally picky with these; both premades and MYOs are ok! Will also update this list later since again, not into the species scene anymore and I'm trying to catch up on current ones;;;

♥ yes please ♥
♥ dainties
♥ dreamies
♥ czylphs
♥ areques
♥ mosaics
♥ scarftail

♣ picky ♣
♣ cinnadogs (mainly myo slots)
♣ dreamy ursa
♣ eeray
♣ purrmaid
♣ minkin
♣ akriri/birdfolk

♠ not really ♠
(please don't take it personally, your ideas are all great, they're just not something I'd use ;w; )
♠ xynthii
♠ longthings
♠ species without any physical distinctive/unique feature, no matter how popular 
(ie. heartbabies, lacies, etc.; depending on design I may still want them, just may not use as a species, like many annie designs!)
♠ + more probably orz;;;

★ { artwork } ★

♥ yes please ♥
♥ any species; human, anthro and feral ok! Only exception being ponies, I'm out of the MLP phase and not really interested in pony art
♥ fandoms: as with designs, I'm mainly into pokemon and yugioh atm, so any artist with experience/knowledge of such series is much welcome! I may even ask for fanart if I can't think of any of my ocs fitting your style xD
♥ digital preferred, traditional is great too though ---especially if you can ship the original!
♥ sketches/sketchpages: I love sketches (as long as they're understandable), they have that rougher, more intense and emotional quality I really like in art, so feel free to offer your more sketchy options, colored or not! Sketchpages always loved!
♥ YCHs: I tend to buy more YCHs than commissions nowadays, so feel absolutely free to offer them!
♥ couple/group art: I love my friends and brother, and love much more getting art of our ocs interacting than my ocs on their own, so this is always LOVED! As I'm still building oc relationships with others, I'm mainly gonna ask for my ocs with my brother's CaptainRei 's ocs!
♥ NSFW: either tasteful nudity or more hardcore stuff, it's always good to me!
♥ fake screenshot: I love the fake screenshot aesthetic (I make some myself!) so they're always loved! Either in your style or in retro anime style, I don't mind!
♥ animation: I doubt anyone's gonna offer, but yes, animation is a BIG FAT YES, no matter if the animation is simple!
♥ custom items: again, doubt I'd get these offers, but plushies, sculptures, keychains, etc. anything that's a tangible good of my ocs is always a DREAM to get ;o;

♣ picky ♣
♣ pixel: not really into pixels, it really all depends on what kind is it! Pagedolls I don't have much use for, icons even less (see below!), if I had to get pixel stuff it'd be more videogame interface-like ones, or "pocket world" kinda ones, ie. the oc in a bedroom or other scenery
♣ fanfics: I ask only for fanfics of canon stuff, not ocs; currently into Yugioh hell (especially arc-v, but willing to ask for 5ds and dm too) and Harry Potter founders (Helga/Salazar ♥) so it'd be preferred if you're familiar with the series! Only reason I'm picky with fanfics it's because I'd have to give you lots of freedom/not much of a input, and I know it can be an hindrance to most. Thing is, I write too, I have a multitude of AUs, RPs and stories and it's no point to me coming up with a plot and all that when I can do it myself the way I want (or am already RP'ing it)...I have that issue where I wanna read content of certain characters, but don't know exactly what, because if I do then I'm already RP'ing it and writing it ;w;

♠ not really ♠
♠ icons: as mentioned above I have no use for icons, as I'm starting to use my own art as profile icons, so no, sorry!
♠ gore: no, not even pastel gore, sorry! Please don't link me YCHs with that theme either, if there's guts, I don't wanna see it, no matter how cutesy;;; (blood is ok tho! Just not gore!)

★ { other } ★

♥ yes please ♥
♥ fandom items: either official or fanmade merch, I'm always delighted to get more!! Right now I'm willing to get items only of Pokemon, Yugioh, or Megaman.EXE/NT Warrior (since the Valkyrie Profile series is always lacking any merch, sob...), or general Harry Potter items (as in not with specific characters). For Pokemon and Yugioh, cards are also ok, as I still use the YGO cards myself, and like collecting vintage Pokemon cards (my youngest brother loves Pokemon cards in general, so I can always give them to him lol)
♥ vouchers: aka you buying either items or commissions for me, of the same amount/value the design you want is worth!
♥ cosplays: ties with fandom items above, but both me and my brother Rei are getting into cosplay, and it can be expensive, so props, costumes and wigs (either premade/bought on a site or custom made, or even an old one you don't use anymore) are always good to trade!
♥ hamster items: I love hamsters and always have one in my life, so anything hamster-themed is loved, from stationery to plushies and more! (or even toys or unique snacks for my own hamsters, ahah xD)
♥ art items: just...YES ♥ as an artist I'm always found buying art stuff, from cute sketchbooks to quality pencils (and we all know how expensive stuff like copics can be...which is why I have offbrand and it's not quite the same;;; ) so anything is always loved!

♣ picky ♣
♣ retro items: items in a retro/vintage aesthetic, be them shirts, pins, plushies or anything else (ie. a shirt with tropical retrowave design, a pin with a retro gamboy, pinup dress etc.). I'm mainly into 50s pinups, 80s retrowave, and 90s childhood nostalgia!
♣ shirts: only clothing article I'm comfortable getting from strangers (may make exceptions for dresses), kinda ties with voucher point above but yep, there are many shirts out there me or my bro wanna get so... xD
♣ snacks: I always love getting snacks from around the world, so this is def an option lmao xD Pls give me all of the peanut butter oreos omg

♠ not really ♠
♠ general kawaii items/knick-knacks: I used to love them, ended up hoarding too many and now have to get rid of them;;; if they have a practical use, great, I'm probably more than willing to trade for them, but if not and they're just cute/decorative or an use that's not for me then nope nope, sorry
♠ lingerie/"inappropriate" items: no, no, NOOOOOO I can't believe I even have to mention this but I DID have a few people actually having the guts to offer those please, keep your kinky and creepy offers to yourself, thanks;;;

Selling adopts on TH?

Posted 6 years, 12 days ago by DesireeU

Hey guys, I was wondering, would any of you be interested if I started selling my adopts here on TH too? Most of you probably follow me on dA or FA already so I always thought it was a bit unnecessary, but I'd like your opinion on this first ovo
Thanks in advance for your time, hope you're all having an awesome day~♥