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Would you prefer character offers via comment or DM? ;;

DM is easier for me to keep track of!

Miss you ♡ hope you are doing well 

FINCH!! I miss you too ;0; I've been super busy because I'm currently between jobs and trying to balance that with taking care of myself and my mental health haha;;

I hope you're alright!!

Ahhh <3 sorry for the forever long wait reply. I am doing very well, think of you often. Hope things are much better since we have last spoke! Love seeing your art always so hope you have been feeling well enough to draw again!

Hello, sorry to bother, but how much is Nova worth?^^

It's ok!! I don't mind you asking! Nova is worth about $60 all together <3

alrighty thanks^^

would you ever take offers on WIP characters?

ok if not!

Possibly!! It just depends on who! :)

i'd offer any of my characters here or on coyotes (can do multiples) for them


Hey luv thanks for the favorite 

Hey hun thanks for the follow and favorites. 

Thanks for the follow bruhhhhhhhh :3c

Dan, what are you looking for, for charles?

HMMM another design (with a few art pieces) or an art offer of multiple pieces, I suppose!!

The only designs that have a few pieces of art with them is in here https://toyhou.se/bethanxXx/characters/folder:254594 

OOHH I LOVE WADATSUMI AND LLEW!! ;0; Would you trade either (or both???) of them for him?

I'd trade Wadatsumi for him

I'm cool with that!! c:

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Your characters are absolutely amazing!! I really love Malik and Henry aaa

No problem!! <3

Your gijinka designs are absolutely amazing!!!! They all have such great and interesting designs, but still recognizable as to who they are!

Thank you so so much!! My gijinkas are some of my most precious characters, so that means a lot!! ;w; <3

No problem!

I'd have to say Ashton is my favorite out of your designs ^^