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Please read the following warnings to continue. If any of the following subjects are triggering for you, you're responsible for keeping yourself safe! All of my characters will have their own respective warnings. Additionally, the following rules are applicable when viewing my page- breaking these rules will get you blocked.

Please Do Not

  • Make offers like "Anyone in my" on my OCs.
  • Put anyone from my Mains, Secondary, Tertiary or Retired folders into "dreamy" folders when you favorite them. It makes me uncomfortable!
  • Take any of my characters, or their art, for your own personal use or claim them as your own.
  • Make graphic NSFW comments about any of my characters unsolicited.

Content Warnings

  • Blood.
  • Gore (mostly non-realistic, no irl gore ofc, all drawn).
  • Weaponry (Mostly knives).
  • Trauma in characters' backstories. (Abuse, violence or other unfortunate events).
  • NSFW characters, art, or otherwise suggestive material.
  • Lots of food imagery (irl photos or drawn).

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