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Character galleries may contain mature themes
Smoking/drug use, light gore/body horror, and nudity/18+/NSFW/adult themed content.
All mature content is tagged accordingly.

You may not kin my characters
My sonas and some characters are an extension of myself and relate to me personally.
Most of my characters are very close to my heart - they are not yours to kin.

You may not steal my characters
You may not use, edit, claim, trace, or take heavy inspiration from any of my characters.
Their designs, personalities, and aesthetics are my intellectual property and most art is created by me.

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X - X | X | X --- Magic Ridden: X - X | X | X --- PMD: X - X | X --- Arp's Loop: X - X | X --- Flight Rising: X - X | X | X | X | X | X --- Other Worlds: X - X | X
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