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General Warnings

  • Gore
  • NSFW (explicit/non-explicit)
  • Depictions of Religion
  • Mentions of Racism, LGBTQ-phobia, Nationalism, Mental Illness, Suicidal Ideation, Etc.

  • Do not offer for characters not listed for Sale/Trade
  • Do not use my characters for roleplay (Unless given permission by myself), claim as your own, or sell.
  • Don't be weird when talking about underage or animal characters.
  • Do not lie about your age to see hidden content.
Other Info

  • All NSFW or potentially triggering content is not only tagged, but hidden to unauthorized users. If you wish to be authorized message me and I may authorize you. (Only applicable to those over 18+)
  • I do not endorse any of the reprehensible actions or thoughts any of my characters have/do. All of their actions/behaviours are written as character pieces and not to be taken as how I, the author, truly feel about a given subject.
  • Some of my characters are written to be unlikable and morally wrong. Such characters may have redeeming aspects but this is not to take away from their actions. Please do not like them for who they are! If anything please only like them for how they are written not what they are saying.
  • Kinning is allowed, please let me know if you do.
  • Fanart is more than welcome! I love seeing what people make for my characters!
  • Most characters on this page belong to a story. Stories will be written as comics and once made will be linked in the appropriate folder upon release.
  • If you have any questions regarding anything in this warning, or just want to talk about my characters or their stories/worlds, do not hesitate to message me on here or on Instagram.

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