For Sale

All the adopts in this folder are for sale. 
If you poke around the folders a level up, if it's not in "For Sale" it's not for sale.

Real Currency or Tradable?
Up to $10: Paypal  / Art Trade / Writing / Character Trade / Steam Wishlist

$10+ Paypal Only

My designs:
You can alter designs, I prefer to think of them more as starting points! Let them become what your imagination says.
And please rename them. Seriously go ahead, I have a cat named Boy.
Sometimes I add art for old designs or give them a refsheet if they had like a chibi design or something, so just check for original designer on those.

Customs Adopts: Yes I can make custom adopts. I recommend grabbing a $12 toon commission for that so I'll draw it from scratch.

You can find them on my website, and telegram me to order.

I might have a 'world in a box' from time to time from writing and character trades. Those will come with everything in their folder at one price.
All the bases I release here can be used to create and sell new adoptables or designs for commercial use. I will accept a trade or PWYW donation for the file.
I can also make custom bases that only you will have, or I might have an ink laying around for your project. I will often make a series of ten or so adopts then retire a base.

Donation Based: These adopts will directly support a charity. You'll send the money to them via their various websites, and post back here that you donated, or Telegram's fine.
I'll send the adopt over when I get your post.

You can DM on Telegram @epawart for purchase or enquiries