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When you visit my page do note i try to be a story-writer with different complex characters, Some viewers may find the bios to be disturbing and offensive, I do not condone Racism, suicide, Homophobia, transphobia, murder , sexual assault , Nazism  etc etc. Its simply just my world of characters that take events from the real world, please read with caution <:")

My characters are NOT for sale or for trade unless stated OTHERWISE. Please do not message me to ping you if they are up for offers, you'll be ignored. This also doesn't give you the right to take inspiration off of my characters, please avoid this if you want to be on good terms, thank you! [ this includes, do not color pick, copy/take ideas] 

This being said, I am allowed to use the artwork of the characters for my own personal use[ i have asked permission for me to re-upload and use for personal use] If you are the artist of the said artwork and wish for me to remove the art piece, i will 100% be okay with that and will remove it! I will not however listen to previous owners who are not the artist of the picture. Please don't be fucking petty :)

Please avoid on comparing my ocs as well unless the character is extremely similar to one another, please dm me so you and i can discuss it, thank you!

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