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FW: Some of my characters have explicit stories, motives and beliefs that I do not have and will never have, please do not associate me with any of them for I do not believe in such hearsay. 

- I am Atheist therefor I do not believe in religious things, please do NOT bring it onto my page. 

- My page is supposed to be minor friendly but I do NOT support trauma dumping/relying/nsfw/hurtful content that will cause triggers/etc and so forth on my page or in DMs/PMs. I am ONLY here for art and OCS this is strictly how I want to be known for. 

- I have high functioning Autism, my "regression" age is 12, I cannot physically deal with emotions or  conflicts, it makes me very sick and have "maniac" episodes which are triggers that need working on. 


                                                   Please DNI if you do not understand my disorders. 

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