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Migration and a vent.

Posted 7 months, 3 days ago by ElectroSpanz

...You heard me right. I'm taking DeviantArt off of my list of social things. Here's why.

Take note. This is copied from Newgrounds.

DeviantArt has decided to announce that the old look would be retired to be replaced with Eclipse, which caused alot of backlash from those who wanted to keep the fanbase. I get it. I get it...

The website is a disaster in my opinion. Not wailing to listen to their regulars and other stuff. So i planned to migrate here once Eclipse takes over on May 20th and also remain on Toyhou.se and maybe even have FurAffinity become the secondary account, which is understandable since the website is dedicated to furries.

But you know. When your memories is filled with things that you have accomplished, you'll understand there will be important things you'll missed. But to me. DeviantArt was a thing for me since 2011 and been there for 8 years. But unfortunately when there's a line to draw, they step it over and cause a massive backlash. It's like a deja-vu moment where Tumblr banned all NSFW content that people love to nab on.

I don't use Twitter often because it would cause some problems in my mind regarding image looking. Plus it gets easily lost by retweets and the search section when you have to find a particular image to look at causes alot more images to meddle into it. Although i don't mind Twitter's new design. It's the concept that drove me off. Which is a shame since i wanted to get to know more about some artists.

So for now on since Tumblr and DeviantArt are being fallen off of my map, i'll move to this website, Toyhou.se and FurAffinity. I do also own Discord, but it is for friends only. Sorry about that.

Anyway, that's all i could say. I wanted to get this word out there to vent out my frustrations in my silent mind. Especially after the fact one of my acquaintances had passed away, Rick May's passing (Godspeed you magnificent bastard.), TF2 getting their source code dumped and causing panic over potential safety and the temperatures not wailing to increase it in the place where i'm at. (It's natural in Canada.) April has been one of the worst months i have to deal with this year. Just hope i might have better luck in May. And i hope my mom gets it too.

Everyone that are inside of the folders has their own alignments and what are their intentions are for a good reason. Time goes on when they have a freedom to do stuff. Whatever if their alignment might be changed in the future, i'll be glad to change it. Links will also be here for the character's alignments by emotion.

Lawful Good .💎.
Also known as Crusaders, these characters are honorable and are praised to be respected and for the good. They also tend to help and protect others from the evil and often make rules for the better.

Neutral Good .☀️.
Also known as the Benefactors, these characters will do anything to help anyone they care for, but also usually refrain themselves from killing others unless if it means necessary. They often comply with laws, but will likely rebel against them if the rules are considered unjustified.

Chaotic Good .🔥.
No matter how much their behavior causes, they will do anything to protect them from the evil regardless of how violent their acts are. They are able to enjoy their freedom and will likely rebel against the rules that are set by others if they feel are too strict or unfair. They are also known as Rebels and will likely relax if they feel it is done.

Lawful Neutral .🐦.
Also known as Judges, these characters will perform their actions strictly for the law or code, whatever it is established or constituted by another group. They will be able to follow these set of rules to their end and some of them wanted the community around them to follow these, regardless of the implications of their actions.

True Neutral .🌺.
These characters naturally act without a doubt. They are usually nice to people no matter how good or bad they are, but if one decided to push their buttons, they are the ones not to be welcomed to and are not forced by emotions.

Chaotic Neutral .🍂.
These characters are also known as Free Spirits who can do whatever they want no matter if the others disagree with their doings. They can be played easily as a protagonist or antagonist depending on the situation or genre.

Lawful Evil .💀.
Some characters have a desire to dominate and bow the world before them. Others follow their code of honor despite their malicious acts and will likely have minions that are loyal to them. All of them will deploy any means necessary to achieve their goals, regardless of how cruel these are. They are also known as Dominators.

Neutral Evil .🎃.
Also known as Malefactors, these characters are not likely to be trusted for the sake of evil. They will do anything to bend and break the rules and laws and will do whatever they want. They will act hostile or cruel if one stops them from achieving their goals.

Chaotic Evil .🐉.
What these characters want is nothing more than chaos, murder, slaughter and destruction for the sake of their hatred and greed. However, they are likely to be malevolent, crazy and not the ones to be trusted without any murderous acts. They are also known as Destroyers.

Semi-Hiatus, lads!

Posted 2 years, 5 days ago by Sakura ElectroSpanz

I have received a message from my master that she assigned me to be in charge of taking care of Toyhouse while she's away from the public. She already went ghosting on Steam and Discord and slapped the stamp "ON HIATUS" as a tag line on DeviantArt.

What that means is that she had a fuss about the drama on what happened and why. She had been bullied by a user that revealed her first name and she accidentally lost her redesigned characters that she made when her computer froze while booting up the game, which is unfortunate this happened...

I dunno why the attack would occur in March, but she told me not to worry about it, since she has a right to change her stuff about it. Nobody wants to be harassed online and nobody wants to to have their things exposed after deleting the usernames. And i get it. Nobody wants to get caught with their pants down, but if you're going to be exposed for a drama, just own up with it! There's no coming back in time to fix this.

She has to wait for her mother to hear about it now, which is for the best since she should've told her in the first place.