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I have many different characters across many different worlds. Some may be very problematic and have problematic opinions or views. Just because you see a character of mine has a certain view, does not mean I share or support that view. 

Characters do not have to be perfect, and are allowed to be flawed. I find it would be incredibly boring to have perfect, flawless characters given how many I have.  Please remember that browsing through my characters and worlds.

You don't need my 'permission' for these things, but feel free to:
- Take inspiration from my characters, stories, designs, and similar for your self.
- Reference or trace my art for practicing purposes. (Please consider giving credit if you post 100% traced art)
- Draw art for any of my OCs, no permission needed, and feel free to stylize them. (No NSFW, please)
- Ask to be pinged about any of my OCs if I ever choose to sell them. (Just be aware I probably won't be selling most)

Side note: I don't really believe in a 'DNI' list as I try to take everyone I meet as an individual and anyone is free to reach out to me, but, just a warning that I don't really get along with the idea of being possessive over your art/OCs to the point you tell people they can't even take inspiration from them, and I don't get along with people who obsessively push and threaten with public blacklists for 'minor infractions' against them as well as people who demand how one should interact with them, to the point of, again, threatening users who don't 'abide' by their rules.  

Please keep in mind I'm hesitant to interact with, or sell my OCs, to people like this, as I think they are very rude mindsets and against the spirit of what the art community was founded on. Thank you.

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