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  • GORE/SELF HARM/VENTS - My OCs (especially any of my sonas), are more than likely to have a tab for vents/gore/self-harm, so be warned! It will be censored properly and in tabs under the character so if you’re not looking for it, it won’t just pop up! You don’t have to worry too much about that! 
  • MENTAL AND/OR PHYSICAL HEALTH ISSUES - A lot of my OCs have and/or deal with mental and/or physical health issues (including my sonas which are almost 100% based off of me) so be warned in case this is bothersome and/or trigger some to people!
  • LGBTQIA+ Safe! - I am an Agenderflux Ambiamorous Demiromantic Abrosexual Aceflux, and I 100% want my profile/page to be safe and welcoming to anyone who is apart of the LGBTQIA+ community. If you have ANY issues with LGBTQIA+ people, don’t even bother contacting me. I won’t hesitate to block+blacklist anyone who decides to say anything awful about people who aren’t cis-gendered or straight. Also keep in mind most of my OCs aren’t straight! I do try my best to have a good mix of different genders and sexualities for my OCs, typically whatever I feel fits them the most.
  • CURSING - I have been doing my best to cut down on it since I have been cussing like a drunken sailor since I was like 15. I’m 24 and it’s honestly a bad habit that I need to break myself out of and do less of it, but I’m letting you guys know just so you can this in mind, just in case it is bothersome to some of you. If it’s bothersome to you, I apologize in advance! I am trying my best to do it less.
  • NSFW - My characters might have NSFW (as of right now none of them do however!), these will be in NSFW tabs on each character - so view at your own risk! They will also be censored properly so you won’t have to worry about that. 

  • IF YOU UPLOAD MY ARTWORK TO TOYHOUSE, DO NOT PUT YOUR OWN WATERMARK ON MY ART!!! Please either use the TH watermark or let me upload it on my end with my own watermark! 
  • Please do not make offers on anyone outside of The Sales folder! [This also means don’t make offers on anyone in the pending folder either!]  I won’t hesitate to block you if you do.   
  • A lot of my characters may not look like they have been or are being used- I have plans for EVERY SINGLE ONE of my characters. I am an adult with a pretty busy life now, compared to what my life was like a few years ago. I can’t always find time to work on art. So, please do not try to guilt-trip me into giving/selling a character. I will block you automatically. I’ve already had people try to do this to me and I will not tolerate it one bit.
  • A lot of my characters' bios and references aren’t up to date right now. Before drawing anyone, please ask me first! I’m trying to work on character bios and references all one step at a time. I am currently job hunting and seeing lots and lots of different doctors, so it’s going to take awhile before I can finish them all. Please don’t mind the mess! I will make a bulletin update once everything is updated, and remove this message.   
  • Please do not steal/trace/etc my art or characters for RPs, personal use, etc. I don’t mind if you use similar colors or color pick the colors of a character, just don’t make an EXACT copy of any of my characters. I don’t own colors!
  • If you need to contact me, send me a private message on here, or message me on my discord, telegram, DeviantArt, furaffinity, tumblr, or twitter! I am most active on my telegram, discord, deviantart, and toyhouse rn. I do however check my tumblr, twitter, and furaffinity every few days.

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