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HEY YOU! Before entering my profile please read this

General stuff:

  • Some of my characters contain bright colors or trippy gifs (They are all been tagged!)
  • Some characters have mention of drugs, death, abuse and memory loss. If any of this topics triggers you please be careful!
  • Do not draw NSFW of ANY of my characters, even if they are adults (I'm a minor)
  • Do not steal or copy my designs
  • Please read my T.O.S before buying a design or a commission.
  • Use tone indicators when talking to me.
  • I can and will curse, not to much, but don't get surprised.

Rules for adopts:

  • Always credit me for the design.
  • Do not resell at a higher price without COMISSIONED art.
  • Don't sell my designs to any user on my blacklist.
  • You can modify the design. 

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