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This is an 18+ account, please use caution when looking through my characters. While not all of my characters are NFSW and those that are tagged as such, most will have some form of gore, blood or potentially triggering stories.

As a general warning: - Please don't Kin my characters. You can vibe with them or relate to them, but please don't Kin them. I have nothing against the Kinnie community but I'd rather that not occur.
- An exception to this is a fictive in a DID or OSDD system. The brainpan does what the brainpan does and I hope they help you.

- Do not steal, trace or reference my characters

- I am aware that some characters do not have proper credits, I'm working on it

-Do not offer on characters that are not marked as for Sale/Trade

Thank you and enjoy your visit!

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