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  • Please note when viewing my page that some of my characters (mostly my sonas) have art and backstories dealing with dr*gs, selfh*rm and ab*se, as well as some mental illness. This is my coping mechanism to deal with my own personal issues and past, and I am not romanticizing these acts in the slightest. Images dealing with these subjects will be marked appropriately. If you are dealing with selfh*rm, ab*se, or believe you may have a mental illness, please seek professional help.

  • My characters are NOT up for offers unless I explicitly say otherwise. Do not ask for them, do not offer on them, do not ask if they will ever be up for offers- It makes me extremely uncomfortable. If you have them faved I will ping you or Dm you if and when they are up for offers.

  • DNI if you kin or idolize IRL school shooters and murders or if you just in general condone gun-violence. The fact that this is even something I need to say or list is insane.

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