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I saw you favorited one of my characters (Anicia) would you give characters of yours for her? :) 

I'm not interested in owning any more female ocs right now ^w^ were you interested in characters in particular ?

I found so much cuties I like, could I send them on discord if u have discord? Mine is tsuki ゚ʚ♡⃛ɞ ゚#5415 if so!

Hiya! Just wanted to let you know that I'm selling this character ((since I saw that you favorited him♥))


Hi, will you alos look at trades ? Alas I do not have the money to buy right now !

Ahh, I'm not really looking for anymore characters atm, I'm sorry :( ♥♥

Whispers: I just wanted to tell you thanks for giving me such a lovely few paragraphs on my boy Arioch, it really touched my heart considering he is one of my main faves. <3

So figured I'll tell you Eins and Tsukiko are really cute and super fun to look at! I think Eins has a lot of potential storywise! But aside from that, I think his design is so fun! It really caught my eye! I can't help but be a sucker for collar boyos I dunno what to tell you. SDFSG I just think its cute. He seems like he'd be the sarcastic smug type, but that's just me! <3 Tsukiko is very pretty, I can see why you spoil her to say the least. HAH. Her design is very nice and I adore the simple color palette she has that is worked to a very effective point! She comes off as a semi gothish personality when compared to her sister. Very nice character designs! <3

Aaaack hello!! Sorry to bother you but i'm trying to find out what is the species Ashuri and where to find them. Thanks :)

Hi !! You're okay there's no problem ! Ashuris are a closed species by Hakiren on Deviant art, and you can read about them on the Ashuri website here : https://ashuri-species.weebly.com/ 

Ashuri myo slots are sold on Hakiren's Deviantart ! ^w^ 

:000 Understood. Thanks for letting me know ^^ I'm not able to access DA so i'll have to try and find some on Th :"D. I hope you have a good day :)

https://toyhou.se/hakiren/created You can see most of them here <3 

Thanks so much!! ;;; They're all claimed ;-;

Oh you meant new adopts ? I'm sorry these only go out on DA ;w; 

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Thanks you for sending lovely Min! 💕💞💕💕

I’ll definitely take care of her <3

Also one more thing in Min’s bio where it says “Triplets” underneath it it also said Mon and Man so when I pressed on Mon it lead me to another person who had the same character as Min? Just asking you that if you know if we’re co owning or maybe it’s something else? :o 

You're welcome ! And no these are different characters. Triplets means sisters, the three characters are similar because they are sisters but they are not the same, you can ignore that as I did ^^

Oh okay! Thank you very much for explaining it 💕

Also one tiny thing let's say if I ever want to change some things about Min like for example her story that she has or her name, would I able to do that? (I don't mean her clothing or her style I love how the way she is ^^♥ ) 

Of course ! Shes yours so you can change name and bio to your liking !

Alrighty thank you friend ^^ 💕💞💖

Hey it’s me again but I just have to say you got really gorgeous characters! They’re all an absolute beauty ;0; 💕💖💗💕

Thank you so much for the kind words I appreciate it immesely <3 It always makes me so happy when people compliment my characters, I put a lot of effort, time and money into them ;A; <3

I can really notice that but you do deserve lovely compliments for your lovely characters that you have, I'm glad their being taken great care of by you! úvù 💖💕💞💕💖

Thanks a lot !! Also thanks for all the favs <3

you are very welcome! You got really pretty characters! ^-^
Also to mention you’re actually talented in art, wow! You really got talented skills for being a creative artist (*^3^)💖💕 

Thank u <3 

and omg my art isnt that good but I'm honored you think so ! ;w; 

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Hey Ace! I was looking around your Other th account and saw this girl is for free and so I’m commenting here since you reply fast in this account <3

I read your rules from your other account and also I’m really interested in Min! https://toyhou.se/570604.min 

I love your characters from this account like Aile, they are very gorgeous! They have a lovely design and they are very stunningly beautiful they seem like a wonderful positive character! 

If I would to have Min from your other account I would definitely use her she is absolutely lovely and perfect for a story I’m creating but I just love the fact she’s gorgeously beautiful her design and her personality, basically I love everything about Min! I would draw her all the time since she's indeed a cutie, or even come up with some designs to dress her up and make her get along with my other character I have Hehe 💕What a cutie precious gal she is if I would ever to have her since she is free but I never sell my characters in my toyhouse since I literally love all my characters and I cherish them a lot <3 

( But I’ll wait and see Your response :3 ♥ )

Hi ! I immensely appreciate that you respected all my rules ♥ (thank you for liking Aile, she's very new!) It concerns me a bit that you seem to be claiming so many freebies so I will think on it and see if you continue to claim more ! I don't want her to be claimed just because she's free. Due to past experiences I tend to not really trust people that claim a lot of freebies, seeing as most of them (that does include myself, I used to claim lots of freebies) end up not using the characters and pass them around QoQ She was gifted to me by a very nice friend and I don't want her to sit within a folder for ages owo9 additionnally, if you ever part with her I ask that you return her to me and to no one else.

I'll be sending a transfer when I make my mind if I do decide to let her go to you !

I completely understand how you feel, I’ve been receiving gifts from a great friend of mine and I don’t really sell my characters since I love all of them and they mean so much to me :) 

Also since you said I was claiming a lot of freebies what do you mean by that? Sorry I didn’t know if I said something confusing/incorrect  ^^; Only just wanted to see if I could get Min but I do understand if you want to keep her that’s not a problem by me since I understand that she was given by a special friend of yours :) ♥ 

But if you ever do make up your mind to transfer here over, you can but if you decide to keep her that's not a problem friend so no worries and take all the time you need to decide take care Friend! let me know any updates or anything (^‿^✿) 💖💕

Thank you so much for the fav. c:

You're very welcome ! I honestly wish I had something to offer for them, they're both gorgeous <3 

They are not for sale or trade. Only one character is. But thanks!

I thought you didn't mind offers on others, I might have been confused with someone else owo/ have a nice day !

I think you might be. But it's no problem. Ty, you to.

aaaa sorry for spamming faves on your characters but i love.... so many of them........ they're so cute hn

OMG NOOOO do not appologize ! It makes me very happy when people fav my characters, I'm glad you like so many of them <3

Ah, I was looking through your profile and I wanna say you have some really cute characters!

Oh my, thank you so much ! this kind of comments always makes my day brighter <3

Ahhh, you're welcome! <3

Thanks for so many favorite ♡

hello sweety !1 U commented on a post of mine, annd I'D like to buy the cat for 50 points !!

Sure <3 you can gift the points to Ace-Of-Shadow and save the file from the thread !

OH BOI c'est magnifique ce que tu fait-



C'est cool de trouver un français par hasard, comment tu es tombé sur mon profil ? >W


Mdr, oui ça arrive pas souvent xD, disons que je passait par la, et j'ai vue un de tes gijinka aux hasard puis voilà//slap


I forgot to ask- could I get auth'd where I can get a better image of the char I choose to draw? :)

Wait- All my characters should be clearly viewable for anyone- May I ask who you picked ? I need to correct the settings ;;

Oof I have no idea why she is set on thumbnail only but I'm glad ;; she's one tagged NoArt and I don't want art of her currently because she needs to undergo quite a few edits before being used ;; you can picl from here ! https://toyhou.se/Ace-Of-Shadow/characters/folder:129803/tags:1/extagged:NoArt

OH i misunderstood i thought you meant anything WITH the noart tag HAHAHAHA my bad!

Oh no its ok ! Should have gotten the link directly instead that is my mistake ! Sorry for that and takeall the time you need to draw ! 

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Ganymede appreciates the favorite o/

such cute characters!

Oh my ! Thank you so much for the fav and the follow ;//A//; it always makes me so happy when people like my characters !

You're welcome! <3

Thanks a lot for the fave <3 it's much appreciated!

ace you are under arrest for possession of tOO MANY ADORABLE CHARACTERS AND AMAZING GIJINKAS

Hi! I know I already offered before but would you take anyone on my profile for https://toyhou.se/1178805.ollie ?

Hi ! And it's okay, you are always welcomed to offer ! However, I wouldn't use any of ypur characters sadly so I will have to pass ;-;

Thank you very much for the femme fatale girl!! She's so cute (and PURPLE <3)

You're welcome ;-; I'm so happy you like her !

They're both really cute, but I actually really like the one you sent! Thank you so much!! <3

(The biiirrd, yesss. It's going to be a sassy witch companion)

vrtbrgb I'm really happy you enjoy her ;//A//; you're welcome <33 

(omg yessss that's such a good idea sassy birbs are best) 

tysm for the haunter gijinka!! shes a cutie i love her

Amg I'm really happy you like her ;//A//;

Thanks for the character! She's super adorable <3 I love her little cheeks owo

Eeep you're so welcome <3 I am very happy you like her ! 

thanks for the magikarp gijinka! i like her a lot she's def a keeper <3

Omg I'm happy you like her, she was my very first girl design ;///A///; I'm happy I sent something fitting ! <3 

Thank you for the favs.

The yeti crab char is for sale if you wish to adopt her.

You're welcome ! Also I'm sorry but I'm not interested on buying her >w< but she is one amazing character ! You're welcome for the fav >w<

That's fine.

Oh wow thank you for her *0* really, i really appreciate it <3

You're very welcome dear, take care ! 


i really enjoy your characters!

Omg thank you so much ! It makes me really happy to read such a comment >w< please continue enjoy them !

i will \0w0/



https://toyhou.se/Ace-Of-Shadow/characters/folder:all/tagged:gijinka/order:name/1 Here's a tag with all of themmmm lemme know who's your fav <3


AAAAAAA I like Kaname! I'm not usually a big fan of umbreon gjinkas but his design is very good and cute!

Also omg I'm embarrassed by only having like four gjinkas //sobs

(Also don't wanna seem like I'm advertising but I have a character game entirely devoted to pokemon gjinkas if you think you'd like that you can check it out idk http://toyhou.se/~forums/thread/33843.guess-what-pokemon-the-above-gjinka-is-/0)

AMG THAT GOES RIGHT THROUGH MY HEART ;A; Kaname is actually my very first oc ! ;A; I need to redo his design though, since he has change since then >w<

You need to get moaaaaar gijinkas are life ! But don't be ashamed tho >w<

Thanks, I actually enjoy this game quite a lot ! *A*

Ty for the fave

Omg omg Wicked ! You did such a great job on them ! I can't thank you enough ! ; //// ; I'll definitely use them as main outfits, they're great !

i shall try to develop Rotten more

You're welcome ! Hananote is simply amazing ! ;A;

No problem! I really loved his design.

"A-ah, you're really too kind!" Alistar stuttered, half-hiding his face behind his hands. "Thank you for the favourite!"

You're welcome ! I didn't noticed earlier you were the one who got them ;w; I entered the raffle too; but congrats on winning !

Omg yes I'm stupid lmao that's because I entered for her, I didn't think before repling//Hides in a corner ! But I'm happy you got her then ;////; she's so lovely <3

Siunattu gave a small bow, the corners of his lips twitching into a smile. "Thank you for adding me to your favourites."

This user's account has been closed.

A bit late since for some reason I didn't get the ping// but thank you so much for headshot! he looks so adorable ^ 7 ^

Ahhh I thought I sent you a PM ! Sorry Q.Q but you're very welcome, I was stuck with finals I wish I had done something better though ;w;

no problem! aah I can relate to that// it was so stressful when I had finals > v < anyway he turned out really cute! ^ v ^

Yesss it's so stressful ;A; can't wait to finish uni ! *has at least one and a half year to go* Ahh I'm really happy then ;////;

ikr ; v ; pff I still have about three and a half years to go = v =| good luck with studying!




Go check out my profile

Uhhhhh I'm on your friendos ;///////; thank you ! OnedayI'lldomyprofiletoolet'sbelieveit

Ahahaha xD Yess. If i wasn't so lazy i'd offer to code it for you lol.

We meet again, do we? Ayyyy

Yes we do 3153420258_1_24_ipu5iugl_by_ace_of_shado




He's Vincent Nightray from Pandora Hearts, MAH BABE MAH LOVE <3

FOR SHAME! I'VE NEVER SEEN IT ;3;;; Such beauty //weeps softly

*kiss kiss fall in love*

Ahh thank you for the favorite and subscribing ! ; w ; <33

You're welcome, you have wonderful characters <3

Thank you sooo much for the fav ♥

You're welcome, congrats for winning that awesome bby <3

Ah!!! Your characters are so adorable!

OMG you're so nice thank you so much Q/////Q I'm so happy Q///Q

I'm glad your happy! :3 I can't wait to see more of your OCs.

Yeah, I'm so happy you like my characters, they're my babies ;////; No worries, more will come soon ! ; )

Nyuh <3


Pour le fun.