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Posted 4 months, 13 days ago by FellowPigeon

Today is my birthday, huzzah! Here's a low quality picture of my cat with a flower on his head to celebrate!


I apologise for being pretty inactive here of late, life's been pretty chaotic and I've not had the energy I wish I had. Luckily I have some exciting projects ahead that I'm looking forward to and while I can't promise I'll be super active here, I'll definitely still be around and working on stuff as much as I can! 


Posted 11 months, 8 days ago by FellowPigeon

So you've probably heard, Artfight is coming up! It one of my favourite parts of last year and I'm looking forward to this year's one as well. However, I will be doing a lot of travelling (12h+ on a plane ahh) in the next three weeks and I can't promise I'll be super active. I'll do my best to draw something for anyone who attacks me, even if it's a bit after Artfight! I look forward to seeing all the awesome artwork that comes from this year's event!


1 year account anniversary!

Posted 1 year, 7 months ago by FellowPigeon

So it's been a full year since I joined and uploaded my first character! I still feel like a total newbie but I just wanted to thank everyone on the site for being such a great and supportive community. So many of you have inspired me to continue working on my projects and I hope that it can continue into the future!

Let me draw your characters?

Posted 1 year, 9 months ago by FellowPigeon

I saw this going around and thought it might be fun! They will probably just be little doodles but feel free to leave a character in the commentsac7fea2189279b3f19c596fe297b5209.jpg

Art Fight me

Posted 1 year, 11 months ago by FellowPigeon

Will you be participating this year?

4 Votes heck yeah
0 Votes nah
2 Votes maybe for some of it

Art fight is getting pretty close and I am excited to try it for the first time! My account is here, but I have yet to fully add my characters. If you see someone missing that you think I should but up there let me know, so I have an idea for who to prioritise!

Audio Bios

Posted 2 years, 11 days ago by FellowPigeon

SphericalClearBluegill-max-1mb.gifDespite needing to do a whole bunch more work on some of my other profiles I gave myself another project to work on (because of course I did...) I've been really wanting to make audio versions of my more complete profile so people have the option to listen to them, though I will note I might as well be recording on a waffle maker. I've just added it to Avery's profile so if you wanna give it a listen and tell me if it actually works that would be amazing.  Also, you get it hear my weird voice but I don't think that's a pro...