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Hello hello!

Welcome to my profile, please read this before continueing

Jack Stauber - Buttercup

Do not interact (DNI)

If you are:

  • a p--- or a zoophile and/or if you're okay w/ it
  • Racist, Lgbtq+phobic, Xenophobic, Ableist
  • Okay w/ bullying and harassement, especially towards minors
  • Don't support neopronouns & xenogenders

Please block me asap and do not interact with me.

Before you follow (BYF)

  • I'm Autistic. Respect my boundaries.
  • Jokes and such can fly over my head, so using (/j) or (/s) helps a lot!
  • I'm a forgetfull bean, please don't be afraid to remind of me something!

Please Do Not

  • Steal any of my characters / art
  • Kin / use my characters for RP
  • Act rude / aggresively


  • Most of my characters are softies, but i'll content warning anyhing that is needed!
  • It is okay to color pick and use my characters / art for inspiration!
  • my characters are my babies <3

Thank you for reading, and welcome to my profile


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