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Just some actualization

Posted 1 month, 5 days ago by FrossetHjerte

Hello there,

I write this message just to let you know I am still working on the few commission I have left actually, that I am not out from here. Just I don't have my own computer as my old laptop finally broke some weeks ago so, I am unable to stay constanly working as before --I have to borrow a computer, which is somewhat uncomfortable, and aleatory as well. At least, I am better from my back surgery.

Thank you so much for the people who bought me some Ko-fi to support my situation, as it meant a world to me, because I know this difficult time we all are passing in the last months. And, of course thank you too for the people who sent me good words, and cheers, as it makes the situation easier and more nice to pass through. You all are amazing, and I hope you're having a good day, as you deserve it. 

For who wants to support me in a financially way, you always can through or Ko-fi . Thank you

Edit: as I know some people in the Internet is taking in advantage some people kindness, I'll show some photos of my old machine:

Edit 2: I bought this Lenovo years ago, more or less in this status, with the broken case and all. Yes I know isn't the best idea, but I never had enough funds for something better and, I needed to work. Dang, it makes me feel embarrassed to show this poor machine! and I'd  like to show you how it turns on to show how messy works but, it never did that since weeks ago so more than some seconds of screen flashing in a very poor luminosity and then shuts down, I must bring my apologies.


I'll keep fighting to try to obtain a new computer to proper work and study.

Thank you again, 

- Norbert ''Corvus'' M. / FrossetHjerte

Broken laptop

Posted 2 months, 3 days ago by FrossetHjerte

I've been telling you the last couple of weeks, my laptop finally died two days ago -due to that, I started getting slow working again. I have to borrow one computer at the moment, and as you can imagine it won't be for long hours, or everyday, better totally random. And it's also awkward, because the owner needs his computer too fully time to let me work properly, thing that I absolutely understand. So I bring you again my apologies for the delay, but I am just overwhelmed only thinking into finishing in time everything that I still owe, plus I am sore from my previous back surgery. I promise I don't forget who's still waiting for me, and I'll keep doing my best. 

I know we are in a very complicated time with the COVID-19 outside and a lot of concerns out from that topic. I feel horrible having to tell about my broken laptop as if it was enough important, and -for me it is, as is the only way actually I have left to sustain myself. And my only option now is to get some funds to build my own desktop computer, piece by piece looking for the cheaper options, capable of course to run my basic sofware for working. 

Having said that, I repeat myself telling you that:

After all of this, I do really hope you're the best as possible in this difficult time, and that you'll be able to get even better. 


Kinda a wee concern

Posted 2 months, 15 days ago by FrossetHjerte

Mate I feel kinda embarrassed in this complicated time of quarantine to tell you this but, remember the last post? my laptop is getting worse and overheating. I'll need for real a computer, even if a really humble one. I am overworking just to pay rent the last months, so to buy a computer even the cheapest one now is a really raw challenge for me. My laptop is the only way to work that I have at the moment. 

Also today I've taken a minor surgery and I am honestly exhausted. But that won't stop me of continue working finishing new and old commissions pending. I'll keep doing my best. 

So please if you want a sketchy bust, here is where you can find tons of examples and also the prices, which are 15 USD without color, and from 20 to 25 USD with base colors. 

If you want finished headshots like this one, would be 35 USD.

If you are interested in another kind of commission, please let me know, as I am open but I am not making a proper post for it at the moment because I lack of finished examples, but sure I can show another ones even unfinished to give an idea of how it would looks. 

If you feel like you can, and you want to bring tips or donations, here is also my Ko-fi

Or at least if you can share this, you are doing a great favor to me I must say. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you so much for your consideration and time, best of wishes 

Oh crap

Posted 2 months, 18 days ago by FrossetHjerte

Man I have my heart in the throat just looking my humble laptop agonizing and making a mess for me to work with. I don't know what would I do if it decides to finally shut down. 

Comrade please resist a little longer


Posted 3 months, 8 hours ago by FrossetHjerte

Had to suddenly take some days semi off 'cause I felt kinda sick, plus my back is killin' me as well. But worry not, nothing about Covid-19, just my asthma plus allergy 

I am slooowly working, always working.

Hope yer all fine, please take care of yourself and wash your hands!

Sketchy Headshot Commissions OPEN

Posted 3 months, 7 days ago by FrossetHjerte

Hallo there wee bonnie ones. I totally forgot to advice by here that I'm slowly opening some kinds of commissions while I finish the last pending works that I have, which are just a few until I get response with the rest of customers. 

Oh, please consider to take a look if you like something from there. Quarantine is getting hard for we all I'm pretty sure, but I had to give a try anyway here, haha.

Stay safe, clean your hands, and see you next time

Just wanted to say Hi

Posted 4 months, 13 days ago by FrossetHjerte

Hallo dear ones, howye goin'? I hope safe and sound having in consideration all the mess outside with the coronavirus. 

I just wanted to let you know -but probably you yet noticed- that I'm working to finish all delayed work for my customers in order to get all things right and done to start soon as possible with opening new commissions slots and everything. I'm happy to say that now is getting low the quantity of delayed work, then who knows, maybe someday in April I'll be able to open the business babe!

Also, probably you noticed too I am uploading things for my characters. I am surprised as I found very old drawings of some of them; didn't you ever feel like 'oh my gosh I can't believe I used to draw like this just- 1-5 years ago?' it's amazing the sensation to see yourself improving day my day and doing your big effort for it. Also, some of them were in really need of a new bust, even if I had no time to do more than an sketch! but I ended up very happy anyway. Also slowly goin' but I am writing their stories; even if for now just Ares and little Andrew has their own! Edwin will be the next. Hope you'll like to take a look sometime. 

Well havin' said that, I hope you're having a really nice day, please take care in this quarantine and don't forget to wash your hands! 


Posted 7 months, 5 days ago by FrossetHjerte

A lot of things happened this 2019 I must say. But there is a new year just in front of me. A year to keep fighting. 

I'll be returning so soon, working as an illustrator as before, but now my responsability is to contact with all the amazing people who decided to wait for this exactly moment and see to finish all the work that I still owe them; that's my priority. When I get all finish, I'll work in new examples, such as a renovated price sheet and some new things more. 

I promise there's a big improvement about my own work even if I had lack of time and energies to draw more often. I hope you'll see soon and feel so excited as I feel with all preparations. 

Thank you to you all for all the patience, for your kindness. I'm still speechless.

I wish you had a good Christmas and New Year as well -even delayed from my part!- and please take care of yourself.

Hallo, Norbert here again, 

First of all I wanted to let you know how important was for me to see your support when I opened my own situation at you guys. I didn't expected so many messages wishing me the best, and that you'll have patience. That helped me to be less anxious, more that I am able to show right now. 

Well I wanted to bring you some tiny news about what I am doing and what I will do; please if you want to know better what happened, I consider to read the last bulleting I've made here:

And so on, news:

- First of all, yes, I am in Holland working in a logistic center. Just picking items and doing heavy works. Yes I know this isn't great having in consideration I am still recovering from surgery but I can't do more if I am not able to draw to get funds for living. Not a great job, to be honest, and I have no schedule at all. They are calling me even one or two hours before to go and work. I don't like that detail but, well here we are.

- I am not better about my mood, but at least I am fighting everyday to just improve my situation or at least resist.

- I will try to start to upload some stuff here in TH. I wasn't able to draw again, but at least I can submit drawings that friends done to me, and start to write again. I don't want to get TH alone when is the media site that I like most and almost therapeutic for me because I have the opportunity to bring some time to my own stuff. So, that's all I think. 

If you want a refund for the work I still owe you, if you want to just contact with me for whatever even for information or a good chat, or whatever, please send to me a comment o a message. I will gladly attend you. 

Kind regards, I hope you'll have a really nice week. 

Time to be totally honest with you, 

Well, this is more hard to me that you can imagine, since I am not that kind of person who likes to tell about his personal life; better the opposite. And more if it means something is going wrong. And in this case, so wrong. 

From before my surgery and tests, I know sometimes I felt like depression was appearing again (Actually had acute depression  not really long ago before). But I must admit this time I had the feeling like that was something too… acute, or big like before. And maybe that was an error, like the seed was just growing, and growing. And probably the eternally bad situation financially talking, the uncomfortable living and more factors affected me even more to just pile up and culminate in this. 

My last surgery in April 1 was totally a mess; the surgery itself, and the recovery. They did a mess on me, and I still feel pain, plus some horrible scars and I don’t feel all my skin around too and I probably will not anymore. I was trying to ignore it, and not talk about it, to make my problems small or nonexistent. But It seems that I can’t do this anymore. 

That, plus I was working for the last years in a really non sane way. I remember last year I did around +200 drawings -all different kinds of drawings, not just one type- for customers, and nothing compared to it I think in years from before. Maybe just saying a number is not relevant, but it is to me at least, when I had to work all my days, my afternoons, and a lot of nights because I really wanted to survive in this country and make my customers happy doing my work as best as I could because I didn’t want to just release some shoddy work. It’s good to work, and I’m not implying that I do not want to, but it is not good when you work to the point of fatigue, or when you work to the extent in which you no longer can live properly, because that’s how I was, and how I am now. Since I am in this country this is the only thing I know how to do; work, and I know I have my own heavy reasons for it. I have not had an easy story but that’s no longer an excuse to continue being like this, because I can’t; and I need to admit it for you, and for me. 

I am passing months without any will for drawings. I get really anxious when I have to because I just think about how my customers are feeling or thinking about me because I am not finishing their art in time, and that makes me feel devastated. My first ever time failing in my own work. 

I understand my customers want their artwork, but I can’t continue taking a lot of time for just one little piece and feel anxious with it the entire time. I feel poorly about myself, exhausted, and then when I do finish the piece I feel like I am a mess and that is not good enough. That’s not what I want. 

I am not sure if I really fell into depression, if I am close to doing so, or whatever. Yet Ido know that I am not well. I am far from fine right now, I feel so poorly, and I can’t handle it anymore. 

I accepted my only possibility to work; in this case just a temporary job in a logistic company, in Holland. Tomorrow is my travel to go there to share room with who-knows, and maybe for nothing and to try to find a new job before the month ends. I don’t know what would happen, but I needed to find a way to improve this situation, and to be able to do things that I need. I won’t have internet in my laptop, just in my phone too as well because no wifi in the old house. I will be going to the middle of nowhere, and I will be without funds. I already don’t really know how I’m going to be able to make it through this in one piece. 

In this regard, I am really embarrassed to tell all of you this. To be at the point where the only news I tell you is just bad news.That the only time you hear from me, is when I am struggling and need help, but I was thinking for all of June and I just can’t handle this situation and I feel like this is the correct way to act. To explain to you truthfully, not just; ‘I am recovering’, ‘I am not too bad now’, ‘I will try to make things improve’ but not saying clear that I am really feeling poorly, to the point where I feel sometimes anxious and shaking every time I need to draw now, and in part because the pain in my not-well-treated back. 

If you want to understand, as a person, as a customer, as my friend, as any kind of; I will be grateful. If not, you are in all your right because nobody deserves to stay waiting for so long, for a stranger. And you are not wrong if your priority is your money or the artwork you asked for. 

I will be honest; I got the trip just because thanks to a really close friend to me who was being an angel to be since I got my surgery; helping me financially too when I wasn’t able to even work for any of the reasons I’ve told to you. I can tell you that if you want your art, you will get it soon as I get better. If not and you want a refund, actually I did it for a customer some days ago, but now I don’t have funds to send back, or even for me to pay my room now even if this is making me feel so ashamed. 

No more emergency commissions this time. No more anything. I just, can't. 

I promise you, and you have my word that if I keep this new job and you want your refund, you will get it; I don’t know when, but that you will get it, you will. I am not hiding from anybody of you, and for that you can find me here, on Twitter, on Deviantart… Even in Discord, Telegram and so on. I am doing this situation public to not to make you feel I was just putting excuses by private messages here. This is what I can offer, and I am so sorry to not to be able to do more anyway right now, but if you want your refund I will do a list here, a public one to let people see that I will keep my word and I am not saying different things in a private way to any one of you. It’s the same for everybody. 

Now that I have said this, I thank you if you are reading this, and I am so sorry if you got even more disgusted with me. I don’t like this situation, but I am exhausted and worried about this, and more about what will happen tomorrow and next days. 

Take care and I hope you are having a really good day. 

-Norbert / Corvus / FrossetHjerte

P.S; Thank you so much, Louis. I would never had enough strenght to write this if you were not on my side like you do. You are such a great friend.