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Activity update!!

Posted 5 months, 20 days ago by Gamzyeet

HIya!! just thought id post here to say that i would most likely be able to post about an adopt a day/ every two days up until the 20th, since im catching a flight that day and I may be quite inactive until september since the place im staying at wont have any internet ^^ So if my responses become slow i do apologise in advance 

Tysm guys for the support i love all of yall <33 it really helps me enjoy this trip i've planned out and im flying out alone for the first time (kinda scary but ill manage !! lol ) 

- gamz

posting this bulletin here also!

Looking to sell everyone mentioned below, I can look at holds as long  as they arent very long as im in need of some cash fast ^^ I can also  negotiate on prices or create bundles ^__^ Feel free to comment or dm me  x

I have read all of the designers  TOS but if you are uncomfy with any of these sales as the designer,  please do let me know in dms and ill sort it out, thanks ^^

IM NOT LOOKING FOR OFFERS BESIDES USD RIGHT NOW! offer anything else and ill just have to ignore it sorry :[

Anyone taken will have a slash or hold next to the link, thanks!! 

Closed Species [$125] Constellion CS [$60] Howltar CS

Popular Designers [$30] geckos design [$90] wonderhoy design [$30] ryu241 design // CLOSED [$50] kiwi-rot design [$80] kneessocks design [$40] piopuru design [$30] Teethium design [$35] Sugaryu design [$30] Milkipu [$130] killu design [$15] Sno-berry design [$15] Sno-berry design // CLOSED [$10] Sno-berry design [$30] Sno-berry design

One offs design by me, name any price [$20] [$15] [$40] [$25] [$20] [$10] [$10] [$20] [$15] [$15] [$20] [$40] [$30] [$40] [$30] [$25]

Art fight tiem broo

Posted 7 months, 8 hours ago by Gamzyeet

hii guyess ill be on here so <33 attack and ill get u back >:]

Adopts update

Posted 11 months, 2 days ago by Gamzyeet

hii dudes i just now happen to have more time on my hands(thx corona!!) and that means more adopts   i have plenty backlogged just waiting to be posted aswell as loads of ga adopts in the works!! 

SOO be expecting some adoptables dropping soon <33 tysm for reading !

Pinglist - Reply to be added! 💖

Posted 1 year, 10 months ago by Gamzyeet

Will be doing pinglists for my work from now on! Just state below what you would like to be pinged for and ill add you to my google sheets about it!

If you ever want to be removed or change a user for it , just let me know here :3

Google spreadsheet here! You can find yourself using CTRL + F And then typing in your username

Pings are available for : Commissions , Adoptables , Raffles and General (All of the above)