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Im gutz!

Here r some rules! Pls, respect em! 

If you are the following: 

Rude, Standoffish (I don't mind it, just pls don't lash out at me TwT), Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Or if you 

Supports/Identifies as

Pedophilia/Pedo (Ewww), MAPS (minor-attracted people) (again, Ewww), Bullying/Bully 

Pls, kindly DO NOT INTERACT and stay off my page. 

I will block anyone who shows such behavior on my page and blacklist you! Pls don't make me, I hate doing it!

Im actually really shy and awkward so pls don't DM me unless it's dire 

I don't like head-on conflict, let alone conflict at all so if it can be avoided, pls try 

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No thanks!