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Commission Info ::

Posted 7 hours, 11 minutes ago by Gnotknormal

I have now updated my commission examples and prices over on my website;

Headshots are now £20, reference images £35 and a bunch of YCH's.  I'll do any art you like! Check the site or DM/comment for more info ^-^


Thank you for reading!!

£5 Headshot Commissions

Posted 8 days, 4 hours ago by Gnotknormal

I have done quite a few cheap headshot commissions for folks over on The Anthro Inn discord. I offered a cheap price of £5 to do art specifically for people who didn't already have PFP icons of their fursona. I think we all deserve to have something like that, and I know not everyone is an artist and can do it themselves. I'm so honoured that everyone I gave these commissions to has then used the icon on Discord :') I'm so glad people like my work.

I'm rolling down this offer, and the detailed headshot commissions will be going back up to full price for everyone - though I do need to revise my prices as I do think they're pitched high (more on this another time).

I know these clients proabably won't see this but honestly I'm so happy to have brought joy to y'all. I'm glad you like my work, it's given me such a boost.

I'm so ready for Art Fight this year, to make more smiles with my art :3