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No one on this account is up for grabs! Everyone here are ocs I am attached to. If you want to look at ocs I am getting rid of, check out GothiCon-OcBin for ocs I no longer use (be it because I am no longer in those fandoms, they're old designs and the oc got a new/completely different one, or personal reasons)! If you try to ask for anyone here, your comment will be deleted.

Please be warned that some of my ocs contain 18+ content including but not limited to: 

● NSFW content, some being very explicit. NSFW is present for the following types of characters as well; Humans, Furries, Mecha and SOME monsters. Pairings range from MxM, MxF, and FxF.

● Gore/Body horror

● Sensitive subjects (alcohol use, drug use, suicide, stalking, or other aspects)

Some ocs are used to vent how I feel or vent about past/current issues I struggle with, so some things may be graphic. No subjects I cover that are sensitive do I glorify or make light of, I am very real with the issues I place to characters and do my best to make sure that I portray everything to a point of accuracy and do not make it offensive to others. If something has a very very specific/common trigger, the oc(s) picture/literature will have a separate warning as well! 

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