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Howdy howdy, newcomer, you have stumbled on my profile! Please read the rules and content warning (though my characters will have a content warning on their profile also) before entering. Once you have to click the green button that allows you to enter my page you have accepted my terms, etc. If you have any questions feel free to message me on here. have fun and thank you for visiting!

You are allowed to offer on any of my characters even if they have tagged forever homes only one off-limits is my mains.

Note: I prefer having all of my character’s art being watermarked with my watermark for many reasons. If I have your art watermark and you don’t want it to be watermark just message me and I will remove it. (i only do this to keep my characters and their art safe. the only time I don't use my watermark is if the art is linked to multiple characters that I don't own and belong to someone else!)

Please Do Not

  • don't use, steal, redistribute, etc. any of my art/characters/storylines (unless you have my permission to use)
  • Offering characters that are from my Mains (Unless I offered them to you) or co-owned characters
  • Don’t put my mains in your wish list or dream list (I will remove them from your list)

Content Warnings

  • Swearing
  • Violence
  • Horror
  • Bloody/gore
  • NSFW
  • other possibly triggering stuff

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